kodachrome slide film

From: john price (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 13:53:48 PDT

hi there,

does anyone have a contact at Kodak who actually knows a bit about how
the 64D slide film is prepared. I have been bugging the motion picture
rep in Toronto for months trying to get some idea what the 35mm bulk
roll lengths are before they are cut into 6 foot chunks (36exp) and
have just been told by the sales drone here that 'all Kodachrome has
been discontinued'... I am so completely aware that K40 is gone and was
very specific about the 64D emulsion that I was looking for but alas
after about 6 months of back and forth and her trying to sell me on the
5285 100D, I am finished discussing the matter with her. I guess I am
looking for a contact in Rochester who is involved in still film
manufacturing. Sorry to rant but the lack of knowledge most of the
kodak reps I have delt with about older emulsions and laboratory stocks
is frightening. All they seem to know is that the Vision 3 stock is
'just the best stock ever' like the marketing people have trained them
to do... Not surprised the company is hurting.... the reps should be
shipped off to the Red Camera folks where 'resolution' is more
important than texture.

john price, toronto.

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