Re: HDV output

From: eric fleischauer (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 12:56:55 PDT


ah, i feel your pain and am in the same situation right now. my solution was to burn the HDV project to an HD DVD (different from blu ray) which you can do onto a standard DVD-R. there is one setting for this in compressor and you can not use h. 264, you have to use the HD DVD 30 min QUICKTIME codec in compressor. the only propblem is finding an HD DVD player. i am borrowing one from a friend but i hear they are not so easy to track down (if you find one, i feel like purchasing one would be a good eq investment). i've heard, but can't vouch for it, that people use x boxes or ps2 to play back these HD DVDs. the last thing to note is in DVDSP make sure you set your preferences to HD first thing.

hope this helps. good luck.



Diane Nerwen <email suppressed> wrote: Hi there,

I' d appreciate if there are folks out there who could share their
experiences with outputting from HDV. I have a project shot on HDV,
edited in Final Cut, and if possible would like to avoid down
converting and burning to SD DVD. I'd love to show it in HD. Does
anyone have experience with burning from HDV to Blu-ray? Can anyone
recommend a burner to purchase, or a place that can do it that is
reliable and has reasonable rates in NYC? I'd also appreciate
recommendations and thoughts on Blu-ray players, and if it might be
wise to wait to buy anything. I also haven't ruled out playing the
project in the gallery from a computer in Final Cut.

Thanks for your help,


Diane Nerwen


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