proposed terms for list discussion

From: Regina Muff (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 23 2008 - 10:09:01 PST

smelling the evergreens as i walked, the sun throwing shadows across my path, i thought of the imia-l list rules for joining. made me think of proposing terms for a list discussion (what do you think?):
1. write as a member of a group, never simply promote your own work (submit it!). whenever possible promote the values and conditions of production (like super-8!).
2. there are many who agree but dont post. ignore anyone who says if you dont like the list leave (in the us youll hear how free speech makes dissent unecessary).
3. many greats know a great deal, this you need not challenge. but a calculated manipulation of authority is in order, one that will not likely bring repression in response
4. disruption requires discipline. try to be out of date on a discussion so you dont post your first thoughts. if you arent reading you wont post pronto. you want time to reflect.
5. travel widely through lists and net culture, you belong to an exciting group and need to be familiar with whats going on.
6. prize your anonymity. it enables you to move and participate freely. but treasure anonymity in general, not just your own. you want it to be admired not hated.
7. use your text to speak between the lines. you cant always say what you want or control what is heard. ideally your post meets the desires of multiple readerships, the same text taken different ways
8. excuse yourself by fitting comments into existing threads bearing on film
9. if possible be positive, affirming (tough, i know)
10. there are people who create distance and people who bring together, you can be both. when you divide you may need more support, which you may find elsewhere online
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