Cinema Project presents The Spaces in Between

From: Jeremy Rossen (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 23 2008 - 10:01:59 PST

Hey Frameworkers,

Sorry for the extreme last minute nature of this post, it seems I forgott to post to the weeky digest.
Cinema Project is presenting The Spaces in Between at the Portland International Film Festival today. So for those few in Portland that stumble upon this, come out!

The Spaces In Between: Short Cuts V
Saturday, February 23rd
1 P.M. | $8
Whitsell Auditorium [Portland Art Museum]
1219 S.W. Park Ave.
Portland Oregon USA

Included in the program are film's by David Gatten, Robert Todd, Jeanne Liota, Christina Battle, John Price, and Ute Aurand -- See descriptions below.


Cinema Project

Autumn Cambell & Jeremy Rossen


Cabinet by Robert Todd [USA, 2007, 16mm, color/b&w, sound, 9 min.]
Appearing: Mechanisms of inside, the life of air outside.

three hours, fifteen minutes before the hurricane struck by Christina Battle
[Canada, 2006, 35mm, b&w, sound, 5 min.]
Inspired by the diorama-like boxes of Joseph Cornell, and with text taken from victims of hurricane Katrina, three hours, fifteen minutes before the hurricane struck imagines moments just before a violent weather storm.

Camp Series #2 by John Price [Canada, 35mm, b&w, silent, 7 min.]
A Thanksgiving weekend with the family at a duck hunting camp on the Ottawa River.

Observando el Cielo by Jeanne Liotta [USA, 2007, 16mm, color, sound, 19 min.]
Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth.

How to Conduct a Love Affair by David Gatten [USA 2007, 16mm, color/b&w, silent, 8 min.]
This is a Valentine and this is a fragment: for the one who mends my rips; from the next installment of the Byrd project Secret History of the Dividing Line, a True Account in Nine Parts.

The Butterfly in Winter by Ute Aurand & Maria Lang [Germany, 2006, 16mm, color, sound, 30 min.]
The filmmaker Maria Lang reads out of her diary, which she has been writing since 1991, after her move to the countryside to take care of her mother, who was not able to cope with the world any longer. 14 years later, Ute Aurand began filming Maria's daily nursing of her mother, now 96 years old.

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