Re: Blow-Ups from Super 8

From: DJ Demangone (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 22 2008 - 07:30:45 PST

Nikon's coolscan 9000 is a multi format slide/film scanner. I don't know
offhand if it will accept 8mm, but it definitely works with 16mm, so you
might be able to do some rigging if need be. The Epson v750 is a flatbed
scanner that is multi format and it has the option to use a wet gate type of
mechanism. Slide or drum scanners will always be better than flatbeds, but
the 750 is really good for a flatbed. I personally just rephotograph the
frame using a light table with a canon dslr and the canon mp-e 65mm macro
lens that will go up to 5x. It's much quicker than scanning and the end
image is very comparable to what you would get with a slide/film scanner.

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 5:15 AM, Pip Chodorov <email suppressed>

> We take 35mm slides from film strips and then scan the slides at 3000dpi.
> A slide-duplicating machine (like an optical printer for stills) is a
> good way to make the slides.
> It's awkward to scan film on a flatbed scanner, and the resolution is
> not as good as for curved or drum scans. Once you have the image on a
> 35mm slide you can easily make high-resolutions scans.
> The cost is not so high if you make six dozen stills at once. You can
> use two rolls of slide film and scan them in half a day.
> -Pip Chodorov
> At 21:56 -0800 20/02/08, Jason Halprin wrote:
> >So, I would like to make some high quality still blow-ups from Super 8
> >film (reversal) for use in print, and would like to do this
> >photochemically.
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