Blow-Ups from Super 8

From: Jason Halprin (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 20 2008 - 21:56:57 PST

Greetings All!

I couldn't find anything about this in a quick search, and once again I
choose to rely on the Frameworks community...

So, I would like to make some high quality still blow-ups from Super 8
film (reversal) for use in print, and would like to do this
photochemically. Does anyone know of labs that still have equipment to
make, say, a Kodalith from Super 8? Would there be a preferable method
for print materials? If I'm going this way, I know it's gonna cost

BUT, what kind of success has anyone had with scanning super 8 film at
home? I'm happy with the scans I can get for 35mm slides at home, but
when I tried a random strip of super 8 the image was all blur when it
was blown up to the size you would expect next to a website. Are there
any tricks or settings that have worked for you? I've done the old
wall transfer using a 24p camera for the films, but I'm trying to
output a still that looks better than what I've previously been able to
get from an FCP export, perhaps there's some settings there I should be

Any help would be appreciated here, and although I'd always prefer a
local (Chicago) lab so that I can keep an eye on things, any lab (in
the US or elsewhere) that could do blow-up still work from Super 8 or
16mm would be a nice resource to know about.

Jason Halprin

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