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From: Shane Christian Eason (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2008 - 09:24:24 PST

There is a number of sites regarding copyright at the link below.
I know... It's WIKI, and in this case it is helpful.

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> Frameworkers,
> I recall that recently there was a discussion on this list about copyright. I didn't follow it
> because I had no need, but now I do. My question is about printed material, not moving image.
> I want to publish a book of the articles I wrote for the underground newspaper, The Los Angeles
> Free Press, between 1967 and 1970. In addition to the articles (150 of them, mostly on film and
> music) it will include a lot of psychedelic graphics (ads, illustrations, cartoons, layouts), as
> well as film stills that accompanied the film reviews, which were provided by the distributors.
> The cartoons are by Ron Cobb, who copyrighted each one in his name.
> We are scanning and digitally reprinting the pages. The publisher, Art Kunkin, assures me there
> will be no problem because every issue of the Free Press was copyrighted in his name, or in the
> name of the Free Press. He says he's never had a problem, but I'm not sure I should trust that.
> I'm totally ignorant about copyright, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a website, or a
> person, that gives such advice, so I don't have to pay a lawyer. For example, it occurs to me
> that this material may be in public domain, but I have no idea if it is, or what that would
> mean.
> Any advice will be greatly appreciated. The book should be of interest to our community since it
> contains reviews of some west coast filmmakers of the '60s who are now generally unknown or
> forgotten. And a lot more...
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