Sad Announcement; Another Death

From: k. a.r. (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 08 2008 - 18:05:49 PST

R.I.P. polaroids.... they were always a favorite of mine, I remember they were required in Cinematography Class at UWMilwaukee
before we shot to see how our light meter readings looked on film.......

it's a crazy world we live in these's the link..............,2933,329985,00.html

(so so sorry its a fox news link......)

Kristie Reinders, B.F.A.
Director of Cinematography, Electric Visions
Curator and Head Projectionist, Electric Mural Project
The Mission, San Francisco, CA

'A first class technician should work best under pressure.'
- - - Issac Asimov

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