Re: who's entangled? (the influence of money)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 14:28:19 PST

I agree completely, and I understand the position of the Co-ops.

My example was ment to illustrate the financial decisions exhibitors
(particularly small-scale exhibitors)
have to make. 40 Frames (and I would imagine other exhibitors as well) are
not simply choosing to ignore
the global film scene, but rather making decisions based on budget.


On 1/27/08, zryd <email suppressed> wrote:
> Quick response to Alain re: this comment:
> "Ah, the influence of money...
> Case in point, my attempts to rent from CFMDC have been met with the
> request
> for payment up front. Rarely
> something our tiny, no budget organization can agree to. Canyon and
> FMC by
> comparison permit has to pay after
> the date of the program. Then there is the additional cost of having
> prints
> cross the border."
> For renters outside the US to get films from FMC, they also have to
> pay up front. I suspect it's simply a policy to protect the prints
> and ensure that payment is processed promptly and without the co-ops
> incurring currency exchange expenses.
> In short, it's not a nationalist barrier to cross-cultural exchange,
> but a responsible way to protect the Co-ops' collections and their
> (also) fragile finances....
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