who's entangled? (the influence of money)

From: zryd (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 13:32:20 PST

Quick response to Alain re: this comment:

"Ah, the influence of money...

Case in point, my attempts to rent from CFMDC have been met with the
for payment up front. Rarely
something our tiny, no budget organization can agree to. Canyon and
FMC by
comparison permit has to pay after
the date of the program. Then there is the additional cost of having
cross the border."

For renters outside the US to get films from FMC, they also have to
pay up front. I suspect it's simply a policy to protect the prints
and ensure that payment is processed promptly and without the co-ops
incurring currency exchange expenses.

In short, it's not a nationalist barrier to cross-cultural exchange,
but a responsible way to protect the Co-ops' collections and their
(also) fragile finances....


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