Re: Guillotine Splicers

From: Nicky Hamlyn (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 02:35:53 PST

I fail to see how using a separate blade to cut the tape can be
either quicker than using the built-in device, or better than the
built in device, providing the built-in device is sharp and correctly
aligned. If the blade is not working properly, it can be replaced:
Blades DO go blunt eventually. When they do, you buy a new one and
get perfectly trimmed edges.

  A full range of CIR spares is available, and they're ever so easy
to install,


On 22 Jan 2008, at 02:26, Ken Paul Rosenthal wrote:

> > in that case wouldn't it be easier just to do it with a Rivas
> (straight cut - modified for cutting on the frame line) ? no, no,
> no. personal preference not withstanding, the guillotine is sweet
> because the tape crosses the film whereas the revas is placed by
> hand, often resulting in tape that falls over the edge. and is this
> not related to the problem that initiated this thread in the first
> place; sloppy tape edges? 'tis easy to circumvent: as i mentioned
> earlier, simply using a hand-held (single-edged!) blade to swipe on
> either side of the film AGAINST THE EDGE of the guillotine's metal
> channel, is super quick and clean. your bambino's bambina will have
> a nice close shave. or bikini wax be as it may... ken
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