Re: video to 16mm?

From: James Cole (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 13 2008 - 06:08:54 PST

You can shoot off of a screen with the camera locked, If she has an
uncompressed version of the video, (i.e., not a DVD), it could look better
if you used a digital projector and shot off of a screen. Either way her
colors probably aren't going to look as nice. Is the project at 24 frames
per second? If not, you might have some trouble going frame by frame,
unless you choose to skip every fifth frame on the video. It will most
likely be a little noticeable, but it's better than nothing. Come to think
of it you could even go real speed on both camera and playback, and that
might get rid of that problem. There could be an issue with that, but I
can't think of what it would be.

There's probably someone else on this list who will give you better advice
than I can.

On Jan 13, 2008 8:17 AM, Rita Nazareno <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hello!
> What's the best way to transfer video (on a DVD) to 16mm? I have a
> friend, a student, who'd like to do this with her 6 minute project
> without having to pay GBP125 a minute.
> She has a 16mm Bolex and a MAC laptop at her disposal.
> One thought was going frame by frame, shooting a MAC laptop screen
> (camera locked).
> Any other thoughts?
> Thank you!
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