Re: Circles and St Jude

From: ellie epp (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 08 2008 - 10:08:12 PST

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) someone at the slade school film dept will have contact inf for lis.

email suppressed wrote:
> I'm presently working on my dissertation which I now
> have less than a week to write! Yay! ;)
> While reasearching I have frequently come across
> referances to "circles". The group is mentioned a few
> times in the David Curtis book "A history of..." and
> I've just opened the Peter Gidal book "Materialist
> Film" for the first time and seen a referance there
> too.
> >From what I can tell neither book seems to have any
> details about the group and so far I havn't managed to
> find any information. Does anyone here know more,
> either suggested books where I might read about the
> group or even personal experiences of anyone who knew
> anything about the group, or even failing that if
> anyone who knows of someone who might have been
> involved who I could contact briefly to chat about it?
> Perhaps if anyone even knows how I could contact Lis
> Rhodes who was apparently a founder according to the
> Lux website?
> Any information would be welcome. I know virtually
> nothing about the group, including even if it is still
> going or if not what happened to it. It's intresting
> because I knew quite a bit about the film co-op and
> even a tiny bit about the free cinema movement but I'd
> not even heard about circles till it was mentioned in
> these books.
> I've come across some amazing and wonderful books in
> my reasearch and will be telling you more about them
> soon when I have a bit of a moment (er now is not a
> good time!) ;) but if I had one big criticism of the
> David Curtis book (which I'm loving actually!) it's
> that it seems to stress the importance of circles a
> few times but then doesn't really tell us anything
> about it or its history.
> Also if it's not being too greedy, if anyone wants to
> tell me more about London Video Arts, I'd love to hear
> about it. I know a little but would love to know more!
> That's less important tho, although I guess it might
> also be useful but I'm mostly just really, really
> curious about it. ;)
> Hope someone can help in any way. I might just not be
> looking in the right places!
> love
> Freya
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