"New Babylon" and the experimental cinema journal

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 08 2008 - 10:01:03 PST

Well I stumbled across an ancient book that was called
experimental cinema, and it turned out to be a
collection of journals from 1969 of something called
"experimental cinema, a monthly projecting important
international film manifestations.

It mostly seems to be the Eisenstein magazine,
although occasionally it will go out on a limb and
feature other soviet directors or if you are lucky an
article on socialism and cinema. When it's feeling
wacky it might feature a picture from the passion of
Joan of Arc. :)

There is an Ad in the back "Experimental Cinema. For
workers films! Against reactionary movies! Your
support will help build the first workers film
movement in America." Yay! :)

I sort of like it, I just wish it was a bit more
readable and it's next to useless for what I'm working
on at present. At least it's passionate! I might copy
bits of it to make a poster! ;)

Anyway there is a beautiful screenshot on one of the
covers, of a film called "New Babylon". I'm wondering
if this film is avialable on DVD out there somewhere.

Anyway I shouldn't be writing this as I actually have
work to be doing. This is the problem with reasearch,
all the really interesting stuff you find along the
way. I just thought I would ask while I still remember
about it as I guess there is a good chance that I will
never be able to find the dusty old volume again!

Right no more procrastinating, back to work, right
after I re-fill my water bottle. ;)



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