Christopher MacLaine: Beat

From: Zachary Lapidus (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 20 2007 - 21:37:12 PST

Hello All, I just finished studying the films of Christopher MacLaine and
I have found that in his film Beat that the audio in a number of places is
actually in reverse. Has anyone else ever noticed this? After a long
process of reversing the audio I could hear what Christopher MacLaine was
saying. Though it was hard to hear and I am sure that I did not get every
word correct, here is what I came up with:

Part I:
                So human race
                The one megalomaniac doctor
                Sever my emotional attachment
                City of New Orleans
                Keep smiling
                Every populated moment of my life from now on.
                Become the greatest salesman or the greatest gun handler earth has ever
                Seek sanctuary in some

        Part II:
                Now that Meagan sleeps all the time.
                One, look I just wanna, like I donít know why, but I wanna go to
school. I think Iíll try and get some place to work. I like school.

        Part III:
                Miss. Gang I left something my other could use.
                Now I cried in my...

Also, thank you to everyone who responded to my post a couple of months
ago with information on Christopher MacLaine. It was all very helpful. -
Zach Lapidus

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