film sound and Hi-MD (minidisk) format conundrum

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 10 2007 - 07:43:25 PST

Hello all,

i have bit of a sound dillema... wondering if anyone
can offer some advice.

I am working on a film right now, but the audio
recordings that I want to use have already been made
using a Hi-MD format recorder. Unfortunately, I
cannot find the proper technology to play back
Hi-mini-disk format or to import it into my
computer... so I have this lovely little disk... that
has lovely little sounds on it.... that i can't get

I recorded them in Canada onto mini-disk using a
Hi-mini-disk recorder. At the time... I thought that
all mini-disk recorders were the same. Alas, I was

it turns out, that there are "regular-mini-disk",
"Net-mini-disk" and "Hi-mini-disk" formats. the disks
are the same for all formats. the only difference is
in the recorder. something recorded on a Hi-MD
recorder can only be played back on a Hi-MD player
(apparently)... yet, a Hi-MD player can play back any
format.... Net-MD can play back regular and Net
formats, but not Hi formats... and regular MD can only
play back regular formats....

make sense?

When in Vancouver, I ran into this dillema... (with
another disk in the same series)... I went to the Sony
store, and they had only one Hi-MD player at it was
$500 and non-returnable (i was thinking of buying,
importing sound, then returning)... so i couldn't
swing that... finally i found someone with a Hi-MD
player, borrowed it, dumped my sound, and gave it
back... so I know that the sounds ARE on the disks...
i just can't get at the ones i want now.

Does anyone have any advice on this?

either where to get a Hi-MD player.... I'm living in
Amsterdam right now... but then going back to the East
Coast of Canada (Halifax/Moncton) next week... and
then I'll be in Rotterdam as of Dec. 30...

Alternately, does anyone know a way around this? some
way to get the Hi MD files off without a Hi-MD player?

any tips or suggestions would be very helpful. I'm
getting to be a bit desperate as I was hoping to
finish my sound design this month. eek!

amanda dawn christie

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