us national archives and records administration film and videos database ...

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 08:49:52 PST


over a year ago I did a database of the national archives &
records administrations holdings of films and vidoes that I could
find on their public website. I had hoped that the searching
and things would have been faster than it actually was, but I
reached the limit of my knowledge of database design & while i
probably could have redesigned for some speed or changed the
queries, I didn't have the few weeks it might have taken to
switch things around w/ other duties, activities and full
time work. I had hoped I would find the time, but
I didn't. It's been in the back of my mind to do something
about it, but again, I haven't had time to.

I was just about to delete the databases & code, but figured
what they heck, that someone might just as well enjoy having
this, be as intellectually curious as I was about it, or browsing
through as much as they might like. I never instituted the searching
functions, but the browsing pieces do. they are pretty slow.
the data was sourced in the fall of 2005.

if anyone finds this helpful & wants to put a bit more work into
this and they are in new york (or elsewhere, actually) I'd be
happy to work w/ them ... In terms of my time, it was
a bit too much to bite off, I discovered ... If no one is really
interested, I might take the site back down. If its a raging
"success" I might put some more work into it ... I haven't
linked this to the main pages of the public 16 suite of sites or
anything, as I don't consider it "finished" ...



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