Re: INCITE! / Anti-100 years of cinema manifesto by Jonas Mekas

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 17 2007 - 18:51:41 PST

Hi Brett,
I can help you with that. Agnes B published it first. Be in touch
with me directly.
Do you want the printed version, or the transcript of what he read in
the American Center in Paris in February 1996?
Pip Chodorov

At 11:53 -0800 17/11/07, Brett Kashmere wrote:
>Dear Frameworkers,
>I'm currently putting together the first issue of a new journal
>devoted to experimental media & radical aesthetics called INCITE!
>Issue No.1: MANIFEST collects manifestos, artist/aesthetic
>statements, project notes, critical and personal articles on
>newly-formed and historical art collectives and cooperatives,
>hastily drawn plans, interviews, etc.
>I'm interested in re-printing Jonas Mekas' "Anti-100 years of cinema
>manifesto" (1996) in the MANIFEST issue. Can anyone provide insight
>into how I should seek permission for this.
>I'd be happy to receive other manifestos as well. You can email them to:
>email suppressed
>Brett Kashmere
>Syracuse Experimental
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.