Re: Capturing New York's distinctive thrum

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2007 - 19:35:02 PDT

How dumb. Some of you guys just shot yourself in the foot.
First of all, under the "old" proposed rules, even a film crew with
extensive equipment was allowed up to 30 minutes to film WITHOUT having to get a
permit. Now, if you have a truck or any kind of obtrusive equipment, or block
more than half the sidewalk, you gotta get a permit-- no matter WHAT.
Smart move, guys. Under the older proposed rules, you could have legally
gotten shots on the run. But not any more. And a permit for extensive equipment
will STILL cost you insurance-- something the NYT article leaves out.
There's no freebie time period any more.
You guys have shafted yourselves and you don't even know it. Under the old
rules, solo photography-- the bulk of people's concerns-- was allowed without
any limitation. So what was the big worry for most people?
Remember the wise old adage, you better watch out what you wish for? It's
sure true here.
Even worse, these new rules will never work. They are going to get abused.
Within a week there are going to be neighborhood complaints about permit-less
photography for extended periods of time, and then guess what? The "mayor's
office" will be compelled to address them-- which means stricter rules-- and no
 chance of freebies for organized groups. You think you've got a great deal
here, but in reality, you blew it for small scale independent filmmaking.

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