Re: not 'on the tip'

From: owen (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 13 2007 - 22:50:20 PDT

That's what I do. I slide them foward and back. I'm lucky enough to
have 5 Eikis. Purchased over the years on Ebay.
There are always a bunch up for sale there. Got some for 40 bucks
some for 75. I may have paid a hundred dollars for my first.
Maybe I have incredibly delicate touch. Should have been a surgeon?
Don't like blood.
I was a sculptor, but that was corten steel. Arc welding requires a
steady hand I guess. haha.

On Oct 13, 2007, at 10:34 PM, David Tetzlaff wrote:

> Owen wrote
>> or just use your fingers to turn the lens to focus.
> Eiki lenses are not threaded, as are Elmo or Kodak lenses e.g. Turning
> them by hand does nothing. If the focus knob fails to engage the lens,
> your only option is to attempt to slide the lens forward and back
> in the
> housing. Only with an incredibly delicate touch can one find focus
> this
> way. On slot load models, the lens is also difficult to reach.
> Perhaps Frameworkers should avoid making nasty little arch comments on
> subjects of which they have little or no knowledge...
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