Re: seeking recommendations

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 09 2007 - 17:56:18 PDT

--- jason livingston <email suppressed>

> Hello DB and others
> Radical filmmaking -- or radical anything -- would
> seem to be specific to a
> historical moment (particular, of that moment) and
> also have to be always
> consistent in the following manner: constituting a
> break from the styles AND
> powers-that-be. What's unclear to me is whether a
> once-radical film can
> retain its radicality. Perhaps so. I'd love to see
> that list!

It's not paticular to a historical moment per se, but
more to paticular societys. I was just writing a reply
and was starting to mention my experience of watching
Decalog, and asking myself, "why am I watching this
drivel?'. The films were soooo bad I wouldn't even
recomend them to recovering evangelical christians.

However one of the films was so radical in terms of
Polish society, that it was key in changing the death
penalty there! (A short film about killing). In the
context of Polish society, it probably wouldn't
suprise me to find it was still a radical film!
However here it seems a bunch of conservative and very
dubious nonsense. I actually contemplated for a few
seconds whether I should do something to destroy the
disk. Maybe my actions could save someone! However
then I decided that the other students were already
doing a great job of destroying the disk anyway and
that I can't save everyone. "Save the people you are
able to save" as is some good advice from "dirty
preety things". I should make a poster with it on for
my wall, just to remind me.

I put the disk carefully back in its box.

Of course even in Poland the film is only really
radical in content and not in a formalist way, So
would you consider it to NOT be radical like flaming

> For now, here's a handful, in no order, and with no
> claims to long-lasting
> radical effect (though I've made some effort to
> nominate candidates for such
> a distinction)
> The Flicker, Tony Conrad
> Unsere Afr., Peter Kubelka
> Shoah, C. Lanzmann
> (incomplete gestures toward films about class
> analysis and films that stage
> meaningful encounters with individuals, always
> needed, rarely seen)
> and, just to get the ball rolling, NOT Flaming
> Creatures!

Why not? Are you saying that the films have to be
radical in some formalist way as opposed to being
radical only in content?

I'm not quite sure what you are meaning so apologies
if I have completely misunderstood.



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