Re: Fear eats the soul

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 08:18:29 PDT

Don't worry Cari, Amanda is just refering to a post I
made earlier! I havn't seen the entirety of the film
(our daily bread) and have no idea how I managed to
see a small part of it, but somehow I did, there must
have been a trailer or something? I'm considering
watching the film and as I said, a number of my
friends raved about what an amazing film it was when
it was being shown.

I'm not sure what you mean about circular guilt? I
don't really feel any guilt about it. I'm a vegetarian
and feel no guilt about it whatsoever. Perhaps I
should but I am so abstracted from the situation that
I feel no connection to it. It really just seems awful
and horrifying. Perhaps I'm "too sensitive" (it's a
phrase that gets thrown at me from time to time) or
overly caring to a point which is personally self
I don't know. I know that other people are different,
I don't think my friends who saw the film even
remembered the scene with the chickens especially.

I think the film can be both profoundly beautiful and
technically perfect AS WELL as upsetting, and if a
film is upsetting, isn't it having an effect on
someone, an effect which I thought was a part of what
the film was about? (I can't say as I havn't seen the
film yet)

I basically can't see the entirety of the film, as I
havn't actually seen the entirety of the film! ;)

However I would say that it says something about a
film if I have seen a short snippit of a film and it
has stuck so clearly in my mind after all this time.

Lastly, for a film to be upsetting, isn't nesscarily a
criticism or a bad thing about a film.

I probably should see the film at some point soon, as
mostly what I'm finding on my journey stumbling about
in the desert is that it is empty (No s*** Sherlock)
and often cold to boot. Quite frankly I'm not even
finding any eggs or water much, but maybe you need
special powers for that sort of thing.

Still maybe if I find enough pieces of nothing very
much I can make some kind of a collage.



--- Cari Machet <email suppressed> wrote:

> i find it incredibly sad that our daily bread is
> seen as 'upsetting'
> i found the film to be profoundly beautiful and
> technically just about
> perfect
> i am sorry that viewers are stuck in some sort of
> circular (guilt?) mode
> and can not 'see' the entirety of the film
> c
> On 10/3/07, amanda christie
> <email suppressed> wrote:
> >
> > its been a long time since i've replied to
> anything on
> > list...
> > i was just sorting through 2783 messages in my
> > frameworks folder, and narrowed it down to 286
> > messages that i want to read.... damn... i gotta
> > switch to the digest version.... i just never get
> > around to it.
> >
> > and this is one of them.
> >
> > i've been in amsterdam for the past 4 months and
> > eating a lot of couscous.... and every single time
> i
> > eat couscous... i think of fassbinders ali:fear
> eats
> > the soul. literally, everytime i eat couscous, or
> > hear about couscousl, or think about couscous... i
> > think of different scenes from that film... even
> > scenes that have nothing to do with couscous at
> > all.... the two of them sitting at the table in
> the
> > garden park, the restaurant, the dance floor, the
> > hallway, the stairway....
> >
> > so needless to say, even though it's been years
> since
> > i've seen that film, i've been thinking about it a
> lot
> > lately.... and now i see a thread "sort of" about
> it
> > here. bizarre.
> >
> > anyhow... freya... sounds to me like you might be
> in
> > the mood for "in the mood for love" by wong kar
> > wai..... maybe you've already seen it... but if
> not,
> > it's a good one... and not as upsetting as our
> daily
> > bread.
> >
> > take care,
> >
> > amanda
> >
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