Re: Fear eats the soul

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 06:48:36 PDT

i find it incredibly sad that our daily bread is seen as 'upsetting'
i found the film to be profoundly beautiful and technically just about
i am sorry that viewers are stuck in some sort of circular (guilt?) mode
and can not 'see' the entirety of the film


On 10/3/07, amanda christie <email suppressed> wrote:
> its been a long time since i've replied to anything on
> list...
> i was just sorting through 2783 messages in my
> frameworks folder, and narrowed it down to 286
> messages that i want to read.... damn... i gotta
> switch to the digest version.... i just never get
> around to it.
> and this is one of them.
> i've been in amsterdam for the past 4 months and
> eating a lot of couscous.... and every single time i
> eat couscous... i think of fassbinders ali:fear eats
> the soul. literally, everytime i eat couscous, or
> hear about couscousl, or think about couscous... i
> think of different scenes from that film... even
> scenes that have nothing to do with couscous at
> all.... the two of them sitting at the table in the
> garden park, the restaurant, the dance floor, the
> hallway, the stairway....
> so needless to say, even though it's been years since
> i've seen that film, i've been thinking about it a lot
> lately.... and now i see a thread "sort of" about it
> here. bizarre.
> anyhow... freya... sounds to me like you might be in
> the mood for "in the mood for love" by wong kar
> wai..... maybe you've already seen it... but if not,
> it's a good one... and not as upsetting as our daily
> bread.
> take care,
> amanda
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