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From: CSL and Briony (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 22 2007 - 21:47:42 PDT


CSL from AFCOOP in Halifax here.
We've got a filmmaker too (That's likely the name of your stand).
We've got one guy here who can do alot with Oxberry and Mitchell equipment.
But if you're looking in the Northeast US, why not go to Oxberry itself.
They're right in New Jersey.
Feel free to contact me at work if you can't find them.

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Hi Frameworkers -

I'm sure this topic has come up before, but my search of the archives
didn't turn up anything. We're looking to repair/upgrade our 16mm
Oxberry animation stand and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions
for service people in the Northeast US. Also, we have a JK optical
printer that needs some service. Any suggestions or leads are greatly


Dept. Media Study
University at Buffalo

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