Re: Media City 2008

From: DOMINIC ANGERAME (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 22 2007 - 20:25:46 PDT

Hi Jason....Many International Film Festivals have
very impressive experimental film categories,
especially in Europe, and here in is costly
here in the States, however Europe is generally
free....Oberhausen has the same two year limitations,
and I also believe that Osnabruck does too....and Mark
Webber could correct me, I believe the London Film
Festival also has the same requirement...their
experimental section is superbly curated....

The Toronto International Film Festival has a great
experimental section called Wavelength, well respected
and very well curated and I believe that two year
limitation is also in place...

--- Jason Halprin <email suppressed> wrote:

> Ah yes, I didn't look carefully enough at the entry
> form, and stand
> corrected. It does appear that Media City has a
> "newness" requiremen.
> Of course, for a film shot in 1929 that you have
> just rediscovered, you
> can always slap a new shot at the end and declare it
> a 2007
> production;).
> I've always viewed most "International" film fests
> as being entirely
> different than those that focus on experimental
> work, including SF
> International and Montreal (not to mention Chicago
> IFF). I was
> focusing on those with an experimental bent in the
> list I drew up, not
> just an experimental category.
> To get back to your original query, in addition to
> what Roger and Chris
> have said on this topic, many curators of festivals
> seem to be open to
> showing older work. Their real criteria is whether
> or not there has
> been ample opportunity for the work to have been
> seen in the local area
> of the festival. There is always the opportunity to
> look at the entry
> guidelines of a festival and contact the director
> about work that does
> not seem to fit, but you are interested in showing
> (Dominic- you
> already know all of this, I keep writing for the
> benefit of some of the
> students/younger folk on this list).
> As for competitive festivals (or portions thereof),
> rules need to be in
> place, and a qualifier that the film must have been
> made in the last
> 2-3 years seem no less arbitrary than say that it
> must be under 30
> minutes.
> If anything, the attraction I see in putting a two
> year limit on the
> entries is that the main portion of a festival
> should be where
> innovative new work can be seen. Sidebars,
> tributes, retrospectives,
> etc. are great, but what I would really like to see
> is more individual
> screenings within festivals that focus on
> historically unseen work. I
> guess the catch-22 there is that if the work hasn't
> been seen very
> often, how should I know it's worthwhile (or even
> exists?).
> -Jason Halprin
> Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 15:39:34 -0700
> <email suppressed>
> Subject: Re: MEDIA CITY 2008
> Hi Jason..when I downloaded the entry form for Media
> City it asked what date the film being entered was
> made and there were two boxes (one to be Checked)
> and
> the dates were 2006 or 2007.
> Now suppose I found a film that my father made in
> 1929
> in the attic that no one had ever seen and it was a
> masterpiece...I could not enter it into a festival
> because it is not new...or a new Oskar Fischinger
> film
> was found made in the 30's, etc. that too would be
> excluded...
> I agree with giving younger and newer filmmakers an
> opportunity to show their work at festivals and
> encourage them to do so....I also feel the
> opportunity
> should be given to older films, some that have never
> been seen by anyone, the same opportunity.
> I have entered hundred of Festivals over the past
> twenty five years and the vast majority have on the
> entry forms that films over two years old are not
> acceptable.
> The Montreal International Film Festival also has
> the
> same is stated on the download....
> The Media City Festival on line description does not
> indicate that a film cannot be more than two years
> old
> however the application form seems to indicate that
> you cannot.....
> PS I am still entering the festival and not checking
> the boxes marked 2006 or 2007 and marking the film
> the
> correct date...I will see what happens.
> Dominic Angerame
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