Re: Cine Lab

From: Kenneth White (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 11:56:17 PDT

Frameworkers: thanks for your response regarding Cine Lab. Thank you especially to Rob Houllahan for his prompt assurance that Cine Lab is functioning properly. Below is my letter to Rob describing the issues I experienced. I'm relieved to hear that Cine Lab is still available for the superior processing I've received in the past.



Hi Rob,

I teach a film class at the Maine College of Art where Super 8 plays a major part of production assignments. Cine Lab is at the top of the lab list I provide to my students as I've had great experience with you. Your work is fantastic. I don't send my black and white reversal anywhere else.

My girlfriend recently began working in Super 8. She sent Cine Lab a roll of tri-x four weeks ago. Two weeks after sending the film she calls the lab to see what's up (last Wednesday). She was told that the processor was down and the film will be processed that day and sent out immediately after. We live in Portland, Maine, so the film should have arrived via the specified UPS Ground by last Friday, Saturday at the latest. On monday Betsy called Cine Lab. They asked her when she was going to come pick up the film.

I certainly understand that technical problems arise that are unforeseeable. I can also understand that a customer sending in one roll of film is not as large a priority as a 35mm feature.

I hope in the future, though, that a courtesy call is considered for customers waiting on film to return. Two of my students also recently experienced extended delays in return of Super 8 b+w reversal from Cine Lab. With no information provided from your end (via phone, email, or otherwise) I was fearing that Cine Lab was no more and that I could no longer rely on your great service for both my personal work and that of my students.

Thank you for your prompt response on Frameworks, I appreciate it. I hope this situation was the fluke it appears to be.

Kenneth White

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