Re: Cine Lab

From: Steven Lyle (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 16 2007 - 00:33:14 PDT

Dear Robert: I think Cinelab is professional....and answers emails...anyway....
  I had sent some B and W reserval from Asia to you for dev. and a print and it hasn't come back heree yet.
  Could be lost. Could you check that it was sent so that I can stop bothering you
  and look to finding out where it could be in the mail system. Thanks!
  Steven (in Asia)

Robert Houllahan <email suppressed> wrote:
    On Aug 14, 2007, at 1:58 PM, Kenneth White wrote:

    Frameworkers: does anyone know what's happening at Cine Lab, Fall River, MA?
  They've been making very unprofessional actions recently and their website is "pending renewal or deletion".

  We had a problem with our domain name server and the site should be back up within a few hours, other than that what "unprofessional actions" are you possibly speaking of? we are very busy with 8mm, 16mm and a 35mm anamorphic feature we are very responsive to any customer requests and issues by phone or email.


    Robert Houllahan
  email suppressed
  VP Cinelab Inc.

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