Re: laptop for avid?

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 08:43:39 PDT

> there's also something to be said for
> just straight memory, and to have the
> ability to "work on" troubling issues
> and sequences in your "mind's eye"
> (does anyone remember that tool?)

It's interesting, when I was cutting on a Steenbeck I could cut in my
head so to speak; play back sequences when walking down the street
and so on; but cutting on the computer I'm either in that world or
not. (Admittedly editing for me is often way more than 'cutting'
now.... it's compositing etc etc....).

A neighbor of mine recently got back into photography after her kids
went off to college etc. Both photochemical and digital. She asked me
one day, "does something like this happen to you ? When I print from
negatives I can think about how I'll do it even if I'm nowhere near
the darkroom but when I work in Photoshop it's either on or off........"

> when you
> take a walk in the park, or even to gain
> new ideas from nature,

I just go get a cappuccino and sit in front of the local coffee shop,
I tell people I need 3 dimensional space and more than 8 bit
(monitor) color in my visual field ;-)


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