Re: laptop for avid?

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 08:10:18 PDT

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, db wrote:

> For instance, there was the afternoon I drove
> out to a local park with a stunning view of the coast range mountains.
> I edited while sitting on the tailgate (plugged into the DC converter)
> and then watched the sunset. It was a good one...

         to be honest,
         while I use a laptop to do editing,
         I must say that there's something
         to be said for working in my studio, and
         then, when I'm done, to go out and
         enjoy my day, the park, the fresh air,
         and every other thing it means to be

         there's also something to be said for
         just straight memory, and to have the
         ability to "work on" troubling issues
         and sequences in your "mind's eye"
         (does anyone remember that tool?) when you
         take a walk in the park, or even to gain
         new ideas from nature, rather than to drag
         drag your studio and all it's equipment
         with you.

         I've also found, over time, that even
         though I had a laptop, that soon I needed
         an external harddrive and a series of other
         items to go along with the computer, such
         that afer a bit I really didn't want to
         carry the computer with me, and what I
         thought I was gaining from portability and
         freedom, I really wasn't.

         now again, having said that, I do use
         a laptop as my primary computer, but its
         not with the idea of being able to work
         out issues in the cafe and at the park
         and the country side and all that. I need
         the portability from time to time, but
         for me, its really a hassle anytime I've
         got to move that equipment from place to


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