Re: protest nyc's proposed film and photo law

From: flick harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 10:19:14 PDT

On 5-Aug-07, at 6:54 PM, Jim Carlile wrote:

> If they'd had permits and notification, there would not have been a
> problem for them. If those students wanted to shoot a public
> service announcement with TOY guns, there's nothing wrong with
> that. That's what they did-- it was an assignment for a film
> production class

So now it's permits AND notification, but nevermind that.

Your examples of cases in which it might be reasonable to require
permits are in no way refutations of the many examples in which it is
NOT reasonable to require permits. The ones do not counter the others.

If you're waving guns on the street, obviously you should have
permits or some system of calming the public down.

But a public performance involving guns BUT NOT involving cameras
isn't covered by the new rules.

So, any other examples?


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