Re: protest nyc's proposed film and photo law Thurs Aug 2 Union Sq

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2007 - 22:42:38 PDT

I'm one of the people who mentioned the potential problems re photography at
protests. I am not a "liar" (sheesh the tone of this has gotten absurd), but
I may be misinterpreting the former proposed rule, and further was not clear
in my own statement. Yes, on re-reading, it's very clear that filming a
formal, sanctioned, permitted protest or demonstration - since the city
would recognize such an event on those terms - would be exempt. My concern
is for spontaneous events and unpermitted protests and demonstrations
involving large number of people that might not be permitted, or in fact any
event or altercation that ends up involving police action which would now
have restrictions on documentation (video witness programs almost always
involve more than one person for safety reasons). I was so concerned about
this that the language about the demonstration exemption had left my
consciousness. No "lie" was intended, and for the record this was far from
my only concern, or even my primary concern.


Brook Hinton
film/video/audio art

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