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Presented by Lucca Film Festival and the Ragghianti Foundation


28th September - 4 November 2007


The Ragghianti Foundation and Lucca Film Festival are pleased to present the
work of celebrated Canadian artist Michael Snow in a major retrospective
following the evolution and the recent developments of his multi-faceted


Perhaps most famous for his highly influential 1967 film 'Wavelength', Snow
works across many media and has also made ground-breaking contributions in
painting, sculpture, photography, installation-work. Apart from also being a
renowned musician, as a visual artist he has received numerous prestigious
awards and prizes world-wide, including an honorary doctorate in 2004, from
the University La Sorbonne in Paris, where the last artist to have received
such honors was Pablo Picasso!


In addition to his films, the retrospective regroups 13 of Snow's most
important projection works and video-installations, including his first 1964
film-installation "Little Walk" to the very recent "SSHTOORRTY" (2005).



"Because my exhibition at Lucca is associated with and simultaneous with the
presentation of some of my films in the illustrious Lucca Film Festival I
decided to make the exhibition a member of the same family as the Film
Festival, a sister or a brother, an aunt or uncle perhaps."


"In composing the exhibition I have considered the idiosyncratic beauty of
the exhibition spaces which have been made available. In each work I have
always tended to concentrate on particular aesthetic "situations" and in
composing and exhibition I've tried to combine those works and situations in
ways that re-enforce the individuality of each work at the same time as the
ensembles says, this is a family."


Michael Snow


The catalogue which accompanies the exhibition will feature, next to an
original text by Michael Snow, a series of essays by distinguished authors
and experts on Snow's art, including Antonio Bisaccia, Eric Bullot, Martha
Langford, Daniel Arasse, Jacinto Lageira and Vittorio Fagone, the director
of the Ragghianti Foundation and curator of the exhibition.


A further series of brilliant, fresh essays dealing directly with Michael
Snow as a film-maker will also form part of the Lucca Film Festival 2007
catalogue featuring texts by, among others, Eugeni Bonet, Jean Arnaud and
Eric Bullot.





Exhibition Dates

The Michael Snow's gallery-based works will be showing at the Ragghianti
Foundation, Lucca, from 29 September to 4 November 2007


A retrospective programme of his films will be showing as part of Lucca Film
Festival, 28th September - 6th October 2007


For full details and screening times please check Lucca Film Festival



Other highlights of Lucca Film Festival 2007

A retrospective of the cinema of French artist and writer and founding
member of Situationist International Guy Debord; a retrospective and
exhibition of works by the New York film-maker and Intermedia pioneer Aldo
Tambellini; a homage to the 1967-founded Italian Cooperative of Independent
Cinema; a focus on the critical activity of 'Cinema & Film' revue; and an
international competition programme.


Special events include: a twin-screen video performance by Steven Ball (UK)
and Martin Blažíček (CZ); screenings of the new documentary on Kenneth Anger
by Antoine Barraud (F), 'River of Anger', shot last year in Lucca; as well
as new videos by Lucca Film Festival Artist-in-Residence, Riccardo Iacono



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