Bryan Konefsky screening at Millennium film Workshop in NYC this weekend!

From: Bryan Konefsky (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 05 2007 - 13:11:27 PDT

Bryan Konefsky presents an evening of new, New Mexican
experimental cinema at Millennium Film Workshop.
To all my pals who might be in the NYC area on June 9 –

Bryan Konefsky and Basement Films present an evening of
new, New Mexican experimental cinema at Millennium Film
Workshop at June 9 at 8pm. This show will include a wide
range of personal cinema produced by members of
Albuquerque-based Basement Films and other un-dependent
media artists living, working and trying to keep their
water usage to a minimum in New Mexico. In addition to
the regular program of visionary work, Konefsky will
screen a video produced by Steve –O (yes, Steve-O from the
Jackass movies) from 1996 when he was enrolled in a video
art production course taught by Bryan Konefsky at the
University of New Mexico– It’s a curiously mature work for
such a “young, loud and snotty” pop culture icon!

Millennium Film Workshop 8:00pm, June 9, 2007
66 E 4th ST NYC 10003 212.673.0090
Note that some of the works included in this program were
culled from our 2007 Experiments in Cinema V 2.0 festival.

Bryan Konefsky email suppressed…

Bryan Konefsky
Artistic Director, Experiments in Cinema
VP, Basement Films
Lecturer, Department of Cinematic Arts,
University of New Mexico
cell 505-235-1852
PO Box 9337
Albuquerque, NM USA 87119

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