Swansea Bay & Liverpool screenings May 30 - June 1st

From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 27 2007 - 22:51:08 PDT

Toronto, Canada filmmaker Tracy German is presenting
her work in the UK in person!
She is an established film and installation artist who
also teaches university production courses, but I also
know her as a member of Phil Hoffman's "Film Farm"
family, so her films are "hand-made" (hand-processed,
tinted & toned, optical printed, etc.).

Her new video "In a Present Distance" (27 minutes),
shot on 16mm and super 8, is nominated for the Tinny
Award in avant garde at the Swansea Bay Film Festival,
Wales, UK.
Screening Wednesday, May 30, Noon,
The Theatre Room, Dylan Thomas Centre.

Then two evenings at
The Art Organization (TAO) International Gallery,
34a Slater St., Liverpool L1, UK.

Tracy's video "In a Present Distance" and Artist's
Thursday, May 31, 7pm;

Tracy's 16mm films plus video documents of her 16mm
Friday, June 1st, 7pm.

John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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