SF JUNE 9th: FLOCK of WORDS: Performance Video

From: konrad (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 27 2007 - 11:48:55 PDT

The Lake Ivan Performance Group / David Finkelstein
Saturday June 9th, 8PM at ATA
992 Valencia Street @ 21st San Francisco

  kino21 welcomes David Finkelstein to ATA presenting
an evening of video and improv for his West Coast
premiere appearance! Working out of New York with his
collaborators in the Lake Ivan Performance Group,
Finkelstein's style of narrative improvisation clothed
in video drag could be described without too much
hyperbole as Jack Smith meets George Kuchar on After
Effects. The resulting video is of course nothing you
could have dreamt.

The work is founded on the improvising actor's art of
fantasy and storytelling. Often the groundwork
involves videotaping two actors on stage, gesturing
and tossing brief monologues back and forth, creating
a picaresque dreamscape. Back at his studio console,
Finkelstein then modulates and mutates the footage
through elaborate video wizardry. The work is
broadcast on Public Access cable and made available as
single channel DVD releases and YouTube downloads.

Tonight's opening performance with Finkelstein, Bay
Area Action Theater artist JENNY SCHAFFER, and
musician STEVE SANDBERG will reveal the beginnings of
the improvisational process. Then three recent videos
will be shown and the artist will be available
afterwards for discussion.

o improvised performance for musican and two actors, 15 min.
o Display Devices, video 25 min. (2005)
o Agnus Dei, video 9 min. (2006)
o Two Distinct Courses of Action, video 24 min. (2006)

For descriptions and directions see:


   konrad and irina


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