Re: Zorns Lemma (the wince)

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 16:12:35 PDT

Of course Jonathan is right: I was a bit annoyed by the question at
first, but then very glad that it had been asked because of Frampton's

"Wince" is just my reading and memory of some very subtle fraction of a
second body language. Let's not overdo this. I don't claim to be a
perfect reader of the body language of Hollis Frampton. It doesn't
matter much; he did express some discontent with the question.

I did not receive the post from brack_28; could Kevin or Jonathan or the
sender of it please forward it to me? I name these people just so I
don't get 30 forwards. This is disturbing; I don't believe I'm losing
emails, and I have no spam filters. The only replies I've seen are from
Kevin and Jonathan. Please forward any other posts.

I have the Millennium issue but forgot that the transcript was in there
and I'm sure I didn't read it when the issue came out. So others can
judge the accuracy of my memory.

As for my post being "off-putting," I find it a hell of a lot more than
"off putting" that whenever I have raised the film and video issue on
this list, my "tone of voice" and other personal issues seem to be a lot
more important to a lot of people than questions of, well, film art.

Fred Camper

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