Re: Super 8 Diary Films

From: Jason Cortlund (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2007 - 08:14:17 PDT

Gabel Karsten, an artist and filmmaker in Austin, Texas has been keeping a
Super 8 diary for I think close to ten years now of every person who visits
her home‹shooting a few single frames or very short bursts at a time for
each visitor. I¹ve seen it shown as a work in progress and the effect is
subtle but moving‹piecing together the relationships and changes of the
people in her social circle over time. I¹m pretty certain the project is

On 4/2/07 2:56 PM, "albert alcoz" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm doing a research in Diary Films created in Super 8 for a chapter of a
> book, and the truth is that I just have very few names. After seeing how well
> works Frameworks for such a kind of research (as seen in the Experimental
> Science Fiction films theme), think it will be easy to make a great list of
> films and filmmakers.
> Besides some fragments of feature films like Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette),
> Capturing The Friedmans (Andrew Jarecki) and Family Album -Is there any super
> 8 material here?- (Alan Berliner), I have been thinking in the following
> names:
> Joseph Morder
> Rémi Lange (Les Yeux Brouillés and Omelette)
> Lisl Ponger (found footage diary films)
> Alfredo Leonardi (Private Eye on the New World)
> José Val del Omar
> and some other recently names I don't know anything about:
> Nicole Betancourt (Before You Go: A Daughter's Diary)
> Milena Gierke
> Anne Robertson
> I'll appreciate any kind of suggestion about it.
> Thank you very much,
> Albert Alcoz
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