Super 8 Diary Films

From: albert alcoz (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Apr 02 2007 - 11:56:34 PDT

Hi, I'm doing a research in Diary Films created in Super 8 for a chapter of a book, and the truth is that I just have very few names. After seeing how well works Frameworks for such a kind of research (as seen in the Experimental Science Fiction films theme), think it will be easy to make a great list of films and filmmakers. Besides some fragments of feature films like Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette), Capturing The Friedmans (Andrew Jarecki) and Family Album -Is there any super 8 material here?- (Alan Berliner), I have been thinking in the following names: Joseph Morder Rémi Lange (Les Yeux Brouillés and Omelette) Lisl Ponger (found footage diary films) Alfredo Leonardi (Private Eye on the New World) José Val del Omar and some other recently names I don't know anything about: Nicole Betancourt (Before You Go: A Daughter's Diary) Milena Gierke Anne Robertson I'll appreciate any kind of suggestion about it. Thank you very much, Albert Alcoz ______________________________________________ LLama Gratis a cualquier PC del Mundo. Llamadas a fijos y móviles desde 1 céntimo por minuto.

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