Re: Compact Disc Cards

From: Francisco Torres (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 17:36:37 PDT

> 1) Does brand name make a difference with the cards? SanDisk, Crucial, and
> Kingston have all been recommended but they're hella expensive.
No difference as far as I can tell.

> 2) My prior interviews were recorded with the speaking subject onscreen via
> a Panosonic DVX 100. Now, apart from the presence of the camera (even if as
> an object on the table), I'm wondering if I should just run my Seinheisser
> shotgun thru the camera as before as the cost of mini-DV tape is so
> comparitively cheap.
Did you intended to fly the camera anyway? If so
why not shoot video as you do the interviews?
Maybe you dont want to lug the camera around all day long in nyc...
Can get tiresome and worrisome (worrying about losing the camera).

> I understand that the advantage of using the Marantz is that I can download
> the sound files instantly rather than digitize them in real time. But I
> wonder if that convenience is worth the expense of the cards.
Even if the sampling rate is the same
the marantz may have better sound quality than the camera. Have you
made comparision tests?

> Lastly, how safe are the cards to take thru an airport? I imagine I should
> carry them with me, or go for hand inspection rather than on the belt.
A friend just "lost" (stolen by baggage handlers) a ton of camera
equip. at kennedy airport recently... cant be too careful these days.
If you use the belt get those newly airport security approved locks
for your camera cases.

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