Compact Disc Cards

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 15:28:52 PDT

I'm flying to New York in a couple of days to record voice interviews with a
Marantz PMD 660 Flash Recorder. I'll be recording at 48khz to match the
recording frequency of the onscreen interviews I've shot prior with a
Panasonic DVX 1000. And I've set the Mirantz on Mono so I'll get more
recording time. Questions:

1) Does brand name make a difference with the cards? SanDisk, Crucial, and
Kingston have all been recommended but they're hella expensive.

2) My prior interviews were recorded with the speaking subject onscreen via
a Panosonic DVX 100. Now, apart from the presence of the camera (even if as
an object on the table), I'm wondering if I should just run my Seinheisser
shotgun thru the camera as before as the cost of mini-DV tape is so
comparitively cheap.

I understand that the advantage of using the Marantz is that I can download
the sound files instantly rather than digitize them in real time. But I
wonder if that convenience is worth the expense of the cards.

Lastly, how safe are the cards to take thru an airport? I imagine I should
carry them with me, or go for hand inspection rather than on the belt.

Thanks, Ken

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