3/21: BRING A TEACUP! Magic Lantern Presents "A Tea Party for Helen Hill (1970-2007)"

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 18 2007 - 11:00:22 PDT


Here's an announcement for those of you who live on the East Coast
but can't make it to Ann Arbor to see Helen's films... I hope that
some of you can attend.

-Ben Russell

* * *

Magic Lantern Presents "A Tea Party for Helen Hill (1970-2007)"
Wednesday the 21st of March at 9:30pm
at the Cable Car Cinema, 204 S Main, Providence, RI

Magic Lantern presents a memorial screening of the work of animator
Helen Hill, who was killed on January 4, in New Orleans. This tragic
incident has prompted the creation of numerous tributes and
celebrations of Helen’s life and work. A website created after her
death states: “She was a marvelous and gifted artist, filmmaker,
mother, wife, friend, and neighbor.” Helen is survived by her husband
Paul and their 2 year-old son, Francis Pop. Her death was suffered
when an intruder entered their home - the sixth murder in a horrific
24-hour period of violence that swept over the city of New Orleans.
She and her family had returned to New Orleans, her beloved home,
after Hurricane Katrina.

Helen Hill’s animated films vary in technique – from puppet to cut-
out to drawn animation, from pixilated to hand-processed images of
live action. Her subject matter deals with the spectrum of art, life,
love, and death -through visions of chicken angels and joyous cotton-
candy-eating friends.

Her film “Madame Winger Makes a Film” exemplifies the DIY (do-it-
yourself) ethic that Helen embraced in her life and work. In the
film, Madame Winger encourages the audience that they too can make a
film, and shows all the various means and methods of doing so.

Helen Hill was a vegan, who with her husband organized free food
donations through “Food Not Bombs.” She was also a zine maker, who
self published the influential collection of writings by independent
artists and filmmakers called “Recipes For Disaster,” about how to
work with film in non-traditional and experimental ways.

Many of Helen’s animations feature images of teacups and teapots. For
this special screening, the Cable Car Cinema will donate a free cup
of tea when audience members bring their own teacup. The proceeds of
the screening will go to benefit the Francis Pop Education Fund,
established to benefit Helen and Paul’s son. Audience members will
also be able sign postcards that urge the mayor of New Orleans to
continue the investigation into Helen’s murder.

For more information about Helen Hill, visit www.helenhill.org.

FEATURING: (1990-2001) Madame Winger Makes a Film, Mouseholes, Tunnel
Of Love, Scratch and Crow, StreetCents, The World’s Smallest Fair,
Five Spells, Vessel, Your New Pig, Rain Dance, Upperground, I Love
Nola, Bohemian Town
TRT 70:00
$5 DONATION (proceeds benefit the Francis Pop Education Fund)

** A video copy of Helen’s work was provided by Richard Reeves (of
the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary) for this screening. Many
of the original 16mm prints of Helen’s work are in the process of
being archived and are difficult to rent at this time. Some prints
and negatives were also damaged in Hurricane Katrina.

* * * * *

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