Re: 45th Ann Arbor Film Festival

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2007 - 00:27:00 PDT


I am almost certain they will be 16mm prints. Her films have always
been exhibited as prints here in the past. And, I believe I heard we
were getting prints. I will call the office tomorrow and confirm this.
We always do our best to get prints.

Her films are of course not in competition. But, when films/videos are
submitted in competition, if the application form says they were made
on film, but they have a video format listed for exhibition, we always
ask if they can possibly send us a print. Of course, often that is not
possible, because the film was transfered to, and edited in, video, and
not conformed. This interchange means that we may not always know what
format we will be showing at the time the program is finalized, and
posted on our site. But, we always obtain prints, if at all possible.
Our printed program has listed the exhibition formats in the past, and
I presume will do so this year. I am involved with screening and
programming of competition films. Others contact the makers, to see
what is the best format we can obtain. So, I don't always know, until
opening night or the day before, when I get a program.

Ken B.

Quoting john porter <email suppressed>:

> Thanks Ken,
> I can't find many formats listed, production or
> projection, on your website.
> "newly remastered collection of Helen Hillís 16mm
> films"
> Does this mean new 16mm prints?
> John.
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>> Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 07:33:10 -0600
>> Frameworkers,
>> There are a number of programs that may be of
>> particular interest to
>> FWers at the Ann Arbor Film Festival which begins
>> next week.
>> Toshio Matsumoto and Ken Jacobs will be present for
>> two programs each
>> of their work.
>> Boston filmmaker Robert Todd will be there with a
>> program of his
>> recent films and Bruce McClure will present several
>> of his new
>> projector performances.
>> The festival jurors this year include David Gatten
>> and Deborah
>> Stratman who will be presenting programs of their
>> films. This is in
>> addition to all of the great new film and video work
>> exhibited in many
>> programs over six full days.
>> The full schedule is at
>> -David Dinnell
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>> David asked me to forward the above message. I would
>> like to add that I
>> think we have an exceptionally strong program of
>> entries in competition
>> this year, with several of my personal favorite film
>> makers returning,
>> with excellent works, after too long an absence.
>> That includes Carl
>> Brown, Francois Miron, and Paul Winkler, to name
>> just a few that come
>> easily to my tired mind. We hope that as many of you
>> as can will
>> attend, and enjoy the wide variety of fine film and
>> video, shown in a
>> wonderfully restored old theater. The Festival
>> begins this coming
>> Tuesday, March 20th, and continues through Sunday,
>> March 25th. All
>> pertinent info, including detailed schedules, are
>> available at
>> Ken Bawcom
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