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Pertinent to this discussion will be analytic remarks on Sonbert's work by
John Matturri.
You can find them under

tripod depot

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> The film as I know it actually has a little overlap of
> Contempt on the Rene Ricard sequence, i.e. Walk Away
> Renee ends a little bit before the Ricard bit comes
> on, and the Contempt begins as Rene's face flares up
> at the end of the camera roll, a moment I've always
> found really moving in that film.
> As for the 1st and 2nd parts overlapping soundtrack,
> my memory is that they don't, but I'm not 100% on
> this. The track ("What Becomes...") begins over the
> various head leaders, which eventually gives way to
> the found footage sequence. I'm reasonably sure the
> ending of the song occurs at the end of the found
> footage and Rene Ricard's sequence begins more or less
> with the Left Banke tune, but I could be wrong.
> Can't remember about the kid, but it seems familiar
> there's a kid in there too somewhere.
> Mark T

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