Re: Sonbet's "Hall of Mirrors" [Was: 'Walk Away Renee" Experimental Film from...

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 04:09:59 PST

The film as I know it actually has a little overlap of
Contempt on the Rene Ricard sequence, i.e. Walk Away
Renee ends a little bit before the Ricard bit comes
on, and the Contempt begins as Rene's face flares up
at the end of the camera roll, a moment I've always
found really moving in that film.

As for the 1st and 2nd parts overlapping soundtrack,
my memory is that they don't, but I'm not 100% on
this. The track ("What Becomes...") begins over the
various head leaders, which eventually gives way to
the found footage sequence. I'm reasonably sure the
ending of the song occurs at the end of the found
footage and Rene Ricard's sequence begins more or less
with the Left Banke tune, but I could be wrong.

Can't remember about the kid, but it seems familiar
there's a kid in there too somewhere.

Mark T

--- Jim Carlile <email suppressed> wrote:

> Thanks all for the tips. Yes, it is a really great
> film, it's haunted me for
> years. When I first saw it, it was obvious that the
> 'found' footage was what
> they used to call 'fill' footage, that you would get
> at editorial supply
> houses to use as fill leader. It was considered to
> be slop film used as scrap-- I
> remember one time I got some that featured weird
> shots of Senor Wences in
> the early 50's (I wish I had saved it.) In L.A. one
> film school used to get old
> footage of 'Green Acres" that they would use in
> editing assignments, or
> 'Gunsmoke.'
> What a stroke of luck that Sonbert got that
> particular footage-- I wondered
> if he traded for it with another student? His film
> made a great impression on
> the Filmex audience at the time.
> But tell me, didn't 'Walk Away Renee' overlap the
> terrified woman sequence?
> And wasn't there also a twelve year old boy or so
> standing with the father,
> trying to coax the woman through? Did Sonbert ever
> re-edit this in different
> versions? Filmex was always able to get a hold of
> interesting prints of their
> various selections.
> Jim Carlile
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