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From: flick harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2007 - 22:51:08 PST

Howdy Ed! I met you at NYUFF when I wrote for Film Threat...

What exactly is the line between experimental and underground?

Kanada by Mike Hoolboom (Wayne Gretzky is the PM of Canada, he gets
ordered to allow a Quebec revolution to continue because the ratings
are so high on CNN. PS Wayne Gretzky is bald and gay)

Shirley Pimple and the John Wayne Temple of Doom by Demetri

(that film is amazing)

My own film The Victory Party:

And of course Godard's Alphaville,

I don't know if you'd count American Astronaut as experimental or
just an independent art film.

Spectres of the Spectrum by Craig Baldwin

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From: Ed Halter <email suppressed>
Date: Monday, March 5, 2007 9:55 am
Subject: Science fiction / experimental film

> Hey there
> Iım teaching a class on science fiction and Iım looking for
> experimentalfilms and videos with science fiction themes or content
> ‹ here are some Iıve
> come up with. Can anyone think of others? (preferably ones that are
> rentable).
> Best
> Ed H.
> La Jetee (Chris Marker)
> Specters of the Spectrum (or Tribulation 99) (Craig Baldwin)
> Sins of the Fleshapoids (Kuchars)
> Interkosmos (Jim Finn)
> Junk (Roddy Bogawa)
> Leaving the 20th Century & Perfect Leader (Max Almy)
> Apeshit (Leah Gilliam)
> Invisible Adversaries (Valie Export)
> Born in Flames (Lizzie Borden)
> Re-Entry (Jordan Belson)
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