This week [February 17 - 25, 2007] in avant garde cinema (part 1 of 2)

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Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 09:21:00 PST

This week [February 17 - 25, 2007] in avant garde cinema (part 1 of 2)

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Florida Atlantic University

16mm film looper NEEDED

Experienced Sound Designer/Post Production/Music Editor available for
freelance work

Feminism(s): Film, Video, Politics (West Hartford, CT; Deadline: February
25, 2007)
Aurora Picture Show's Extremely Shorts (Houston, TX USA; Deadline: May 01,
Aurora Picture Show's Slant 7 (Houston, TX USA; Deadline: March 01, 2007)
The End of the Pier International Film Festival (UK; Deadline: March 01, 2007)
Rubric (Denver, Colorado; Deadline: March 01, 2007)
ARTDISK, DVD Magazine (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: April 15, 2007)
Strawberry Super 8 Film Festival (Cambridge; Deadline: April 01, 2007)

PARIS UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL {PIUFF# 3} (Paris / France; Deadline: March
10, 2007)
PARIS STRIP FILM FESTIVAL (Paris, France; Deadline: February 26, 2007)
Images Contre Nature (Marseille, France; Deadline: March 01, 2007)
BROOKLYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Brooklyn, NY; Deadline: March 15, 2007)
Evolution 2007 (Leeds, UK; Deadline: March 09, 2007)
FAST WOMEN (Boston, MA, USA; Deadline: March 16, 2007)
Bicycle Film Festival (New York, NY, United States; Deadline: February 17,
WPA\C Experimental Media Series - ColorField Remix (Washington, DC, USA;
Deadline: March 07, 2007)
No Fixed Abode and the Mobile Cinema (Sheffield, UK; Deadline: February 23,
San Francisco International Film Festival (San Francisco, CA, USA;
Deadline: March 23, 2007)
Worldwide Short Film Festival (Toronto, ON, Canada; Deadline: February 23,
Feminism(s): Film, Video, Politics (West Hartford, CT; Deadline: February
25, 2007)
Aurora Picture Show's Slant 7 (Houston, TX USA; Deadline: March 01, 2007)
The End of the Pier International Film Festival (UK; Deadline: March 01, 2007)
Rubric (Denver, Colorado; Deadline: March 01, 2007)

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  * Urban Research On Film - Program D: Elegiac Realism [February 17,
Berlin, Germany]
  * Higgins/Sharp @ Issue [February 17, Brooklyn, New York]
  * Michael Snow: La Region Centrale [February 17, Chicago, Illinois]
  * Injerto Program #3 [February 17, Mexico City]
  * Menken Program 1 [February 17, New York, New York]
  * Notes On Marie Menken [February 17, New York, New York]
  * Robert Mapplethorpe Documentary By Paul Tschinkel- Art/New York
[February 17, New York, New York]
  * Artfilmperformance - Synthetic Zero Event [February 17, New York, New
  * Crossing Borders - Focus On Mexico-Us Border [February 17, Seattle,
  * Media City 13, Retrospective Peter Hutton (Usa) [February 17, Windsor ON]
  * Media City 13, International Program 5 [February 17, Windsor ON]
  * Media City 13, International Program 6 [February 17, Windsor ON]
  * Directors Lounge [February 18, Berlin, Germany]
  * V.O. By William Jones - Plus Two Films By Luther Price [February 18,
Chicago, Illinois]
  * Robert Beavers: To the Winged Distance: 6 [February 18, London, England]
  * Menken Program 2 [February 18, New York, New York]
  * Marie Menken: New Anthology Preservations! [February 18, New York, New
  * Notes On Marie Menken [February 18, New York, New York]
  * 3 Films of Rudy Burckhardt and Poetry Reading [February 18, Oakland,
  * Oppositional and Stigmatized Program One: Forbidden and Taboo
[February 18, San Francisco, California]
  * Crossing Borders - Focus On Canada-Us Border [February 18, Seattle,
  * Stateless Cinema Hails and Regales the Chiefs [February 19,
Washington, DC]
  * Alternative visions: V.O. [February 20, Berkeley, California]
  * Cinema Project Spring 2007 Kickoff!!! [February 20, Portland]
  * Sf360 Film+Club Presents Next At Mezzanine [February 20, San
Francisco, California]
  * Together Again: Collective Created Compilations [February 21,
Berkeley, California]
  * Newfilmmakers Welcome the National Association of Latino Independent
     Producers [February 21, New York, New York]
  * Special Nalip Program [February 21, New York, New York]
  * Trains of Winnipeg - 14 Film Poems [February 21, New York, New York]
  * New York Experimental: Moira Tierney [February 21, New York, New York]
  * Theory of the Responsibility of Birds At Cinematheque Ontario
[February 21, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
  * Salla TykkÄ: Films & videos [February 22, Chicago, Illinois]
  * Fischli and Weiss Program [February 22, New York, New York]
  * Trains of Winnipeg - 14 Film Poems [February 22, New York, New York]
  * Society of the Spectacle (An English Translation) [February 22, San
Francisco, California]
  * 70cm [February 23, Berlin, Germany]
  * Electromediascope [February 23, Kansas City, Missouri]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 1 [February 23, London, England]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 2 [February 23, London, England]
  * Winters of Discontent [February 23, Ottawa, Ontario]
  * Films By Scott Stark [February 23, Prague, Czech Republic]
  * Magic Lantern Presents "The Last Refuge For the Senses, Or Noise Hippies
     Against All War (The Providence Show)" [February 23, Providence, RI]
  * Oral Action [February 23, San Francisco, California]
  * Chicago Own: At Home and Beyond [February 24, Chicago, Illinois]
  * Jordan Biren: “From My Mother's Family To My Mother's House” and
     “Inspired Envelopes of Space” [February 24, Houston, Texas]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 3 [February 24, London, England]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 4 [February 24, London, England]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 5 [February 24, London, England]
  * Huot Program 1 [February 24, New York, New York]
  * Huot Program 2 [February 24, New York, New York]
  * Art/New York- Program # 2 of 3- Paul Tschinkel's Nan Goldin- In My Life/
     Cindy Sherman [February 24, New York, New York]
  * An Evening With Jem Cohen [February 24, San Francisco, California]
  * Jordan Biren: “From My Mother's Family To My Mother's House” and
     “Inspired Envelopes of Space” [February 25, Houston, Texas]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 6 [February 25, London, England]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 7 [February 25, London, England]
  * Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched: 8 [February 25, London, England]
  * Huot Program 3 [February 25, New York, New York]
  * Starting In San Francisco/ Going On Curated and Presented By Charles
     Boone [February 25, San Francisco, California]

Events are sorted by CITY within each DATE.


Berlin, Germany: Directors Lounge
18:30, Karl-Marx-Allee 133, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany

   Urban Research on Film at 3rd Directors Lounge -*- 8 - 18 Febr 2007 in
   Berlin -*- This year's program has an emphasis on work from Helsinki,
   Chicago and Berlin. The themes are: -*- Fr. 09 Febr. Vectorial Space -
   the topological point of view -*- So. 11 Febr. City Labs - interventions
   and interaction by artists -*- Fr. 16 Febr. On the Road - artit's
   impressions from abroad -*- Sa . 17 Febr. Elegiac Realism - Chicago's
   cityscape reviewd -*- Please check
   -*- Urban Research on Film is an ongoing film and video screening
   project selected by Klaus W. Eisenlohr for Directors Lounge in Berlin.
   Urban Research presents artists and filmmakers who address the progress
   of urbanity and who are concerned with urban space and public space in
   their work. -*- Program D - Sa. 17 Febr. - 6.30 pm -*- Chicago – Elegiac
   Realism -*- The bronze lions in front of the well-known late
   neo-classicist museum building in Chicago could be the symbol for
   relations between humans and animals in cities. Where cityscapes have
   become second nature, we do not search for lost rural relations to
   nature, or landscapes of wilderness. The longing for animals and for
   open urban space still carries desires that act as a friction to urban
   realities and create utopian ideas in the sense of W. Benjamin. -*- This
   program presents urban American reflections. In Chicago, a new
   generation of filmmakers has been coming up, who make use of documentary
   approaches together with traditions from art and film avant-garde. A
   generation who projects their own views and who asks questions instead
   of having answers already ready. -*- This is a special program at
   Directors Lounge February 8—18, 2007. -*- Director's Lounge program at a
   glance -*- -*- -*- Klaus
   / Team Directors Lounge

Brooklyn, New York: Issue Project Room
8pm, 400 Carroll Street

   Saturday, February 17th, 8pm at Issue Project Room: Elliott Sharp :
   8-string guitarbass Janene Higgins : video mix performing an excerpt
   from "Suspension" second set:R. Luke DuBois , video and Lucian Buscemi ,
   guitar, bass. 10 bucks. For more info, go to and scroll down. Issue Project
   Room 400 Carroll Street, Brooklyn 718-330-0313
   ------------------------------------------------------ Directions
   Brooklyn-bound F / G trains to Carroll St. 2.5 blocks from stop (between
   Bond & Nevins) 15 minutes from 2nd Ave. F stop 10 minutes from
   Metropolitan Ave. G stop Brooklyn-bound R train to Union St. Walk 3
   blocks west; left onto Nevins; right onto Carroll

Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
2 pm, 164 N. State St.

   One of the most talked about films in the history of experimental
   cinema, Michael Snow's three-hour LA REGION CENTRALE is an epic homage
   to the landscape tradition. Shot in remote Quebec with a specially
   designed machine capable of rotating the camera in all directions, the
   film traces spirals, twirls, and figure-eights as it probes the
   surrounding wilderness--fragmenting time, space, and vision. (1971,
   Michael Snow, Canada, 16mm, 190 min).

Mexico City: Ambulante
2:30, Laboratorio Arte Alameda

   Frontierland/Fronterilandia (1995) Directed by Jesse Lerner and Rubén
   Ortiz Torres "The title refers not to a location but rather to those
   spaces where cultures intertwine. As this film demonstrates, mestizaje
   is not so much a racial category as a state of mind, and it can be found
   even where nationalists and exoticists from both sides of the
   U.S.-Mexico border might least expect it: not just in Southern and Baja
   California, but also in Mexico City, South Carolina, Vancouver's
   Chinatown, and the homes of European collectors of Pre-Columbian art.
   Lerner and Ortiz Torres have fashioned a perfumed nightmare out of the
   fragments that make up the post-colonial scene: part traditional
   documentary, part postmodern travelogue, part art film, part music
   video, part public access agit-prop. Amy more literal description would
   be a betrayal of the film's many surprises. Besides homages to Luis
   Buñuel and Kenneth Anger, watch for the bravura long take that brings
   together Aztec pyramids and Mexico City's plaza del Zócalo as part of a
   bleak landscape populated by nuns, vatos, wrestlers and la migra."
   --UCLA Film and Television Archives Music: Gabriela Ortiz (with help
   from Bizet, Esquivel, Carl Stallings, Los Folkloristas, Elvis Presley
   and others). Starring: Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Aztlan Underground, Hugo
   Sánchez, David Vázquez, Cameron Jamie, Sergio Zenteno, Pecatrixis,
   Atoxxxico y Mictlan. 16 mm., 77 min. In English, Spanish and Nahuatl,
   with subtitles in English and Spanish.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   Dir: Marie Menken. ANDY WARHOL (1965, 22 minutes) . WRESTLERS (1964, 8
   minutes). MOONPLAY (1962, 5 minutes) . DRIPS IN STRIPS (1961, 3 minutes)
   . GO! GO! GO! (1962-64, 12 minutes) . LIGHTS (1964-66, 7 minutes) .
   SIDEWALKS (1966, 7 minutes) . EXCURSION (1968, 5 minutes) . WATTS WITH
   EGGS (1967, 12 minutes). ARABESQUE FOR KENNETH ANGER (1961, 4 minutes).
   Total running time: ca. 90 minutes. .

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00 & 9:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   See Feb. 14.

New York, New York: Millennium Film Workshop
8pm- Saturday evening, 66 East 4th Street (Between Bowery and Second Ave.)

   The Millennium is pleased to present the first of three programs from
   PAUL TSCHINKEL's extraordinary video series featuring some of the world
   renowned artists working in New York during the last four decades. These
   are Benefit Programs for the Millennium. Admission- $10 Contribution.
   All proceeds will go to helping the organization meet its increasing
   expenses. Much thanks goes to Paul Tschinkel for his support. He will be
   present to introduce and discuss the programs. ART/new york, a video
   series on contemporary art, was begun in 1979. This unique and extensive
   series focuses on the visual arts and brings art, artists and
   exhibitions to a broad public interested in the latest developments on
   the New York art scene. FEBRUARY 17 (Sat.) ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE (79
   min.-2006) This is the latest release from Paul TschinkelL. Produced and
   directed by Paul Tschinkel, ART/new york now includes 61 programs. For
   more information visit: Mapplethorpe's remarkable
   talent as a photographer shines in this documentary featuring a full
   assortment of his arresting imges, courtesy of the Robert Mapplethorpe
   Foundation. His portraits of famous people, pictures of flowers, and
   images of the New York Gay S&M underworld, are all icons of contemporary
   photography. His erotic work created considerable controversy when his
   posthumous retrospective "The Perfect Moment" was cancelled at the
   Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC and later shut down by police in
   Cincinnati, Ohio. Robert's ground-breaking photographs made him an
   internationally known and mythic figure in art and photography. His
   talent, vision and phenomenal success were cut short when he died of
   AIDS in 1989.

New York, New York: Synthetic Zero
7pm, 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor

  ARTFILMPERFORMANCE - SYNTHETIC ZERO EVENT Saturday, Feb 17th, 7pm-10pm, 104
   Franklin St, 4th Floor, New York NY (Tribeca) The next Synthetic Zero
   event will be tomorrow, on Saturday, February 17 at 7pm, in Tribeca. We
   will have experimental films, visual art, music by César Alvarez, a
   puppet show by Imagination Explosion, and a live improvised multimedia
   performance by Potter-Belmar Labs. Directions below. Performances:
   Imagination Explosion - live puppetry César Alvarez - live music
   performance with multiple iPods Potter-Belmar Labs - Improvised Cinema
   Experimental Film: Laura Napier - "Astor Place" - New York, NY 80Juan80
   (Juan Kasari) - "Alku_E" - Helsinki, Finland - Courtney
   Hoskins - "Snow Flukes" - Boulder, CO - Josh Weinstein -
   "Cross-Examination" - Brooklyn, NY - Alyse Emdur
   - "Beginning Animal Communication" - Florida Jones Downs (Jenny Doussan
   and Hailey Jones) - "Captain" - New York, NY and London, UK Heather
   Willems - "Three Attempts at Seduction" - New York, NY Elena
   Tejada-Herrera - "Holding the House Together" and "Paper Elephant" Frank
   George Kanelos - "Scratching To Survive" Mark Gallay - "Morning Process"
   - Brooklyn, NY Noe Kidder and Mark Gallay - "White Hotel" - Brooklyn, NY
   Sung-Hee Choi - "Nuclear Theater" - Brooklyn, NY Charles Chadwick - "All
   About Fire" - Los Gatos, CA Ian W. Lippincott - "Serial Krusher" Mac
   McKean - "Cycle" - New York, NY - Meg Duguid -
   New York, NY Art: Katharine Tillman - photography - New York, NY - Daniel Iliescu - New York, NY Damali Abrams - collages -
   Queens, NY Shadagga - photography - Queens, NY Liam O'Brien - drawings -
   New York, NY Alison Ward - collages from "Calendar Girl" series -
   Brooklyn, NY Leela Acetta - visual art - New York, NY DIRECTIONS: The
   space is at 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor, near Church St in Tribeca. Take
   the 1 to Franklin St. and walk 1 block east, or take the ACE to Canal
   Street and walk south on 6th Ave, turn right onto Church St, then right
   on Franklin St., or take the NQRW or 6 or JMZ to Canal St, walk a few
   blocks west to Church St, south 4 blocks and right on Franklin.,+New+York,+NY
   Phone: 718-772-4961. Please ring buzzer and wait for someone to come
   down and open the door for you. If you are interested in exhibiting or
   know people who might want to show their work at a future event (film,
   video, visual art, performance, dance, or music), please email
   (address suppressed) If you wish to submit film/video for a future
   event, please mail it to: Mitsu Hadeishi 220 E 134th St #5A Bronx, NY
   10451 Preferred formats are DVD (PAL or NTSC) and VHS (NTSC only). DV,
   DVCAM, and HDV tapes are also acceptable, but not preferred. Please
   forward this to your friends and email lists! Sincerely, Mitsu Hadeishi
   email suppressed 718-401-9347 / 718-772-4961 (cell)

Seattle, Washington: Northwest Folklife
2pm, 4pm, 7pm, 9:30pm, Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Marion Oliver McCaw
Hall at Seattle Center

   CROSSING BORDERS Northwest Folklife Documentary Film Festival
   Friday-Sunday, February 9-11 and 16-18, 2007 Nesholm Family Lecture Hall
   at Seattle Center Northwest Folklife puts a human face on some of
   today's hot issues with the Crossing Borders theme of the first
   Northwest Folklife Documentary Film Festival. Films and speakers examine
   the experiences of ordinary people who straddle, challenge and transcend
   the boundaries separating us from one another. Topics range from
   immigration tales to gender stereotypes, from unlikely peace movements
   to cross-border musical traditions. The program even includes a
   family-friendly session of animation and music. Visit
   for schedule, film descriptions and tickets. Saturday, February 17 2:00
   PM Chulas Fronteras PLUS Musical Talk with Juan Barco 4:00 PM Labor
   Across Borders Show Suenos Binacionales Morristown 7:00 PM Al Otro Lado
   9:30 PM Crossing Arizona

Windsor ON: Media City
1 pm, Capitol Theatre, 121 University W.

   New York Near Sleep for Saskia (16mm, 10:00, 1972); Boston Fire (16mm,
   8:00, 1979); New York Portrait: Chapter Two (16mm, 16:00, 1981); Lodz
   Symphony (16mm, 20:00, 1993); Study of a River (16mm, 16:00, 1997).
   Followed by a discussion with the filmmaker.

Windsor ON: Media City
8 pm, Capitol Theatre, 121 University W.

   Tests (Olivier Fouchard, France, 16mm/video, 8:00, 2005); Panni (Nicky
   Hamlyn, England, 16mm, 3:00, 2005); North Southernly (Vincent Grenier,
   USA, video, 6:00, 2005); Plate #26-29 (Ryusuke Ito, Japan,16mm, 8:00,
   2007); Nightwalk (Andreas Wutz, Czech Republic, 16mm/video, 14:00,
   2006); MorningFilms Double Projection 9/2002-6/2006 (Hans Michaud, USA,
   2 x 16mm, 9:00, 2006); View of the Falls from the Canadian Side (John
   Price, Canada, 35mm, 7:00, 2006)

Windsor ON: Media City
9:30 pm, Capitol Theatre, 121 University W.

   Before I Enter (Bill Morrison, USA, 35mm/video, 8:30, 2005); Habitat
   Batracien (Rose Lowder, France, 16mm, 8:30, 2006); Interplay (Robert
   Todd, USA, 16mm, 6:30, 2006); Artel (Sergei Loznitsa, Russia,
   35mm/video, 30:00, 2006); The Breath (Minyong Jang, Korea, 16mm, 9:30,
   2007); Circa 1960 (Chris Curreri, Canada, 16mm, indefinite, 2005)


Berlin, Germany: Directors Lounge
18:00 - 24:00, Karl-Marx-Allee 133, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany

   The 3rd Directors Lounge will take place from 8. - 18. February. -*-
   Expect video art and experimental film from all flavors and parts of the
   world. Beside the works from the open call are several curated programs,
   cooperations with fellow projects and institutions ensure ten
   cosmopolitan days. -*- Director's Lounge program at a glance: -*- -*- Extensive (yet
   incomplete) program here: -*- -*- Background infos,
   juciy facts and gossip will be added here: -*- -*- Once again we will offer a
   hideaway, a meeting point as a relaxed space for filmmakers,
   videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema
   and videoart. -*- 8 - 18th february, 2007 Berlin, Friedrichshain, Karl
   Marx Allee 133, -*- no admission fee -*- daily from 6 pm open end -*-
   -*- Closing Party!!! Today!!! -*- Klaus / Team Directors Lounge

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

   Los Angeles filmmaker William Jones' new film, V.O. (2006, 59 mins.,
   video) gleans the non-explicit scenes from 1970's and early 1980's gay
   porn films (Confessions of a Male Groupie, Kansas City Trucking Co.,
   etc.) to form a haunting tapestry of gestures, glances, meetings, and
   longing. Pulled out of both their narrative and sexual contexts, these
   scenes are simultaneously lyrical and moving as well as cold and
   mournful. Jones combines this work by gay adult "auteurs" Fred Halsted,
   Joe Gage, Tom De Simone, etc. with soundtrack excerpts from works by
   masters of the European art film - Manoel de Oliveira, Jean Renoir, Luis
   Bunuel, Werner Schroeter, and others. An uneasy meeting between highbrow
   and lowbrow, V.O. creates a palpable tension as it explores a range of
   themes through its disparate sources: public spaces and private
   behavior, desire and intimacy, death and a will to live, and the
   changing landscapes of American cities and social mores. V.O. is a
   complex and compelling cine-essay mash-up which reclaims bits of a
   fading past and recontextualizes them for a 21st century audience.
   Showing with two recent 16mm films by Boston filmmaker Luther Price,
   Ribbon Candy (2004) and Silk (2006), which will add back a little bit of
   naughty to the program.

London, England: Tate Modern
3pm, Bankside, SE1

   RUSKIN (1975/1997, 45 min) Ruskin visits the sites of John Ruskin's
   work: London, the Alps and, above all, Venice, where the camera's
   attention to masonry and the interaction of architecture and water
   mimics the author's descriptive analysis of the "stones" of the city.
   The sound of pages turning and the image of a book, Ruskin's 'Unto This
   Last', forcibly remind us that a poet's perceptions, and in this case
   his political economy, are preserved and reawakened through acts of
   reading and writing. (P. Adams Sitney, Film Comment) THE STOAS (1991-97,
   22 min) The title refers to the colonnades that led to the shady groves
   of the ancient Lyceum, here remembered in shots of industrial arcades,
   bathed in golden morning light, as quietly empty of human figures as
   Atget's survey photos. The rest of the film presents luscious shots of a
   wooded stream and hazy glen, portrayed with the careful composition of
   19th century landscape painting. An ineffable, unnameable immanence
   flows through the images of The Stoas, a kind of presence of the human
   soul expressed through the sympathetic absence of the human figure. (Ed
   Halter, New York Press) Ruskin will be shown in a brand new print. The
   preservation of this film has been made possible by the generosity of
   Cineric Inc. and The Guild of St. George.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
3:30, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   Dir: Marie Menken. Marie Menken. VISUAL VARIATIONS ON NOGUCHI (1945, 4
   minutes). HURRY! HURRY! (1957, 3 minutes) . GLIMPSE OF THE GARDEN (1957,
   5 minutes) . DWIGHTIANA (1959, 3 minutes, score by Teiji Ito.) .
   BAGATELLE FOR WILLARD MAAS (1961, 5 minutes) . NOTEBOOK (1962-63, 10
   minutes) . MOOD MONDRIAN (1961, 7 minutes) . EYE MUSIC IN RED MAJOR
   (1961, 4 minutes). Total program time: ca. 50 minutes.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   Dir: . Anthology extends its sincere thanks to Joseph J. Menkevich for
   loan of the original film materials for this preservation project.
   Preservation was made possible by grants from the Women's Film
   Preservation Fund of New York Women in Film & Television (THE
   GRAVEDIGGERS FROM GUADIX and WOMEN IN TOUCH) and The National Endowment
   for the Arts (ZENSCAPES). THE GRAVEDIGGERS FROM GUADIX. ca. 1960, 45
   minutes, 16mm, silent. In 1958, Marie Menken traveled to Spain in the
   company of Kenneth Anger. They visited the Alhambra in Granada where she
   shot her film ARABESQUE FOR KENNETH ANGER. The gorgeous Kodachrome
   footage in this compilation was shot at the same time for this
   Menken-titled yet unfinished project. In 2003, Martina Kudlá?ek
   discovered the original, unedited reels among Menken's belongings held
   by the family. GRAVEDIGGERS is a remarkable example of Menken's fluid
   handheld movement as well as an instructive peek at how she intuitively
   conceived her work behind the camera. With: ZENSCAPES (ca. 1957, 3
   minutes, 16mm, color). Meditation and visions of mountains in the
   greenhouse of Dwight Ripley and Rupert Barneby. WOMEN IN TOUCH (ca.
   1965-1970, 15 minutes, 16mm, silent). Marie Menken died on December
   29th, 1970; her husband, Willard Maas, passed away on January 2nd, 1971.
   Jonas Mekas recovered the footage comprising this film shortly
   thereafter. Much of it seems to come from MIDNIGHT MAASES, a long term
   and incomplete project directed by Willard Maas and largely photographed
   by David Brooks throughout the late sixties. Mekas assembled these
   fragments and kept them in his personal collection for 30 years in a can
   that he labeled WOMEN IN TOUCH.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00 & 9:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   See Feb. 10.

Oakland, California: 21 Grand
7pm, 416 25th Street @ Broadway

   FREE EVENT in celebration of VANITAS magazine (ed. Vincent Katz)
   Featuring 3 films by RUDY BURCKHARDT in Glorious Sixteen Millimeter:
   Made in Maine, Indelible, Inedible & Lurk. And readings by: Bill
   Berkson, Mary Burger, Kate Colby, Norma Cole, Del Ray Cross, Brent
   Cunningham, Susan Gevirtz, Robert Glück, Duncan McNaughton, Laura
   Moriarty, Kit Robinson, & Stephanie Young as they leap from the pages of

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30 pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 701 Mission st. at 3rd st.

   February 18 and March 11 Oppositional and Stigmatized Curated by
   Caroline Savage and Janis Crystal Lipzin Amos Vogel asserts in Film as a
   Subversive Art, "We are inundated by ambiguity, allegory, and
   complexity, by an existential humanism devoid of certainty or illusion.
   The committed artists of our day, [have] the most nakedly sensitized
   antenna extended toward our collective secrets." The artists included in
   this four-part series illuminate these secrets with works providing
   radical challenges to mainstream cinematic modes of presentation,
   production and representation, cinema that is forbidden, shocking,
   blasphemous, extremist, defiant. This series will continue on April 8
   and April 29 and will include films by Luis Buñuel, Takahiko Iimura and
   Hollis Frampton. Sunday, February 18 at 7:30 pm, YBCA Oppositional and
   Stigmatized Program One: Forbidden and Taboo This screening includes
   work that breaks erotic taboos, going beyond the acceptable. Barbara
   Rubin's 1963 Christmas on Earth uses double projection of overlapping
   and orgiastic images to present a document of radical heterosexual
   cinema and assault the aesthetic discourse on contemporary art forms,
   including performance and chance operations involving the projectionist.
   Andy Warhol's Blow Job reveals the pleasure of, but not the actual act
   of sexual gratification. In Hermes Bird, James Broughton lifts the male
   member to the sky. Peggy Ahwesh's The Color of Love and Tony Wu's More
   Intimacy use sexually explicit images to confront and reveal taboo,
   veiled worlds.

Seattle, Washington: Northwest Folklife
2pm, 4pm, 7pm, 9:30pm, Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Marion Oliver McCaw
Hall at Seattle Center

   CROSSING BORDERS Northwest Folklife Documentary Film Festival
   Friday-Sunday, February 9-11 and 16-18, 2007 Nesholm Family Lecture Hall
   at Seattle Center Northwest Folklife puts a human face on some of
   today's hot issues with the Crossing Borders theme of the first
   Northwest Folklife Documentary Film Festival. Films and speakers examine
   the experiences of ordinary people who straddle, challenge and transcend
   the boundaries separating us from one another. Topics range from
   immigration tales to gender stereotypes, from unlikely peace movements
   to cross-border musical traditions. The program even includes a
   family-friendly session of animation and music. Visit
   for schedule, film descriptions and tickets. Sunday, February 18 2:00
   PM Animated Canada Show A family-friendly program with live music Crac!,
   Talespinners (3 short animations) 4:00 PM 9/11 and the Canadian Border
   The 49th Parallel, The Undefended Border 7:00 PM Medicine Fiddle 9:30 PM
   Escape to Canada


Washington, DC: Stateless Cinema
8 pm, The Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW Washington, DC 20009

   Join Stateless Cinema for our first-ever screening as we pay strange
   homage to the current leader of the free world and a few of his esteemed
   predecessors. Only $7! (all proceeds go to the artists whose work is
   being shown) Featuring: RE:THE_OPERATION by Paul Chan; Bush Beatin' by
   Kristen Anchor (artist in person); From Bush To Hitler In 20 Copies by
   Brian Milbrand & Tom Holt; Small Lies, Big Truth by Shelly Silver; La
   Corona and Decision 80 by Jim Finn; Mondo Ford by Ricardo Fratelli &
   Anastacia Nublitoni (total run time = approx. 70 min). Synopsis:
   RE:THE_OPERATION, Paul Chan (27:30, 2002, NY, NY) Based on a set of
   drawings that depict George W. Bush's administration as wounded soldiers
   in the war against terrorism, RE:THE_OPERATION explores the sexual and
   philosophical dynamics of war through the lives of the members as they
   physically engage each other and the "enemy." Letters, notes, and
   digital snapshots "produced" by the members on their tour of duty become
   the basis of portraits that articulate the neuroses and obsessions
   compelling them toward an infinite war. Part M*A*S*H*, part Three's
   Company, part philosophical meditation, with a dash of character
   assassination thrown in, RE:THE_OPERATION exists as a single-channel
   video and a set of desktop replacement icons for MAC and PC. The icons
   can be downloaded at: Bush Beatin', Kristen Anchor (1:15, 2004,
   Baltimore, MD) A reductionist political rant: Bush Beatin', a pastiche
   of appropriated images including vintage erotica (bush) and manipulated
   cut and paste animated images of Mr. Pres (Bush), all to the melody of a
   quirky mini-song also produced by Anchor. From Bush To Hitler In 20
   Copies, Brian Milbrand & Tom Holt (4:00, 2005, Buffalo, NY) A video
   about how guilty I used to feel when I went to work and was forced to
   serve America (in a roundabout way). Small Lies, Big Truth, Shelly
   Silver (18:48, 1999, NY, NY) In turn funny, disturbing and glisteningly
   sensual, Small Lies, Big Truth is about love, relationships and the joys
   and banality of sex in the late 20th century. It also touches on such
   issues as morality, voyeurism, nature vs. culture and power, as eight
   people are heard reading, in the first person, from the testimony of
   Monica S. Lewinsky and William Jefferson Clinton as published in the
   Starr Report. La Corona, Jim Finn (1:30, 2005,
   Chicago, IL) The Bush inner circle at Crawford moving to the sounds of
   the Mexican Frank Sinatra. Decision 80, Jim Finn (10:00,
   2003, Chicago, IL) Appropriated network-TV footage of Jimmy Carter's "I
   see risk" speech from the 1980 Democratic Convention meets Reagan's
   gloomy inaugural ride through D.C.: "If you succumb to a dream world,
   you'll wake up to a nightmare." Mondo Ford, Ricardo
   Fratelli & Anastacia Nublitoni (6:00, 1965, Italy) Did Gerald Ford
   assassinate JFK? Now the story can be told … About Stateless Cinema:
   Stateless Cinema is the collective effort of three provincial ex-pats
   who have found themselves in the most hated city in the world at one of
   the darkest times in our history. Despite that, our mission is to screen
   and celebrate the most important works of film and video that we're
   eager to share. Rhyne Piggott is a journalist and filmmaker living in
   DC. In 2003 he received an MFA in Film, Video and New Media from the
   School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He founded Chicago's screening
   series Discount Cinema in 2001. His work has been screened at many
   venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Dallas
   Video Festival, and Cinematexas. KJ Mohr has been curating film and
   video for over 15 years, with Women in the Director's Chair, Heartland
   Homos!, Conversations at the Edge and the National Museum of Women in
   the Arts, as well as independently. She is also a performer and she
   makes movies that entertain. Joanna Raczynska (who worked at Food for
   Thought in Dupont Circle during the summer of 1988) makes films and
   videos. She earned her masters degree in documentary filmmaking from the
   University of London in 2000, and from 2002-2006 was the Media Arts
   Director of Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. For more
   information abut Stateless Cinema and upcoming screenings in the DC
   area, please call 410.807.5412.


Berkeley, California: Pacific Film Archive
7:30PM, 2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720

   v.o. William E. Jones (U.S., 2006, 60 mins) William E. Jones in Person
   The abbreviated title of William Jones's recent video v.o. may stand for
   voice-over or perhaps version originale, a French phrase indicating that
   a film has not been dubbed, but either phrase gives only a partial sense
   of this elegant, eloquent film. While v.o. has a voice-over, it is
   created from clips from many film soundtracks, including dialogue from
   art films by Manoel de Oliveira, Luis Buñuel, and Raoul Ruiz as well as
   an interview with Jean Genet, and while none of the voices have been
   dubbed, neither do they belong to the images with which they are paired.
   The images originate from classic seventies and early-eighties gay
   pornographic films—but the moments Jones chooses are anticlimactic. The
   new combinations are surprisingly emotional and tender, with a touch of
   melancholy for bygone eras of gay culture and cinephilia. With shorts by
   Jones: More British Sounds (U.S., 2006, 8 mins). Images from The British
   Are Coming are combined with dialogue from Godard's British Sounds. Film
   Montages (For Peter Roehr) (U.S., 2006, 11 mins). Inspired by slight
   fragments from a German filmmaker's work, structured by repeating shots.

Portland: Cinema Project
6:30 p.m., 1219 SW Park Ave.

   Cinema Project kicks off our Spring 2007 season with, IDENTITY IN PLACE,
   as part of the Portland International Film Festival. Sunlight spindle
   camera, the scratches and flashes of the expired raw material and the
   cut in the camera breathe together in Threshold of Transience a 16mm
   film by Guyla Nemes, a portrait of a place waiting to be destroyed.
   Robert Fenz's Crossings investigates insularity in both geographical and
   cultural terms with multiple views of the wall that exists along parts
   of the US/Mexico border. In Liza Johnson's South of Ten, residents of
   the destroyed Mississippi Gulf Coast act out atmospheric scenes of
   everyday life and the relentlessness of labor in their extreme
   landscape. Las Vegas is envisioned as a space of miniatures in motion,
   in site specific_LAS VEGAS 05 an installment in fine art photographer
   Olivo Barbieri's series on aerial city views, employing innovative
   selective focus techniques. 0778 man.road.river by Marcellvs I
   introduces a space that is viscous and indeterminate. An image is a
   aspic and an adhesive in which an event is held in a optical resemblance
   that creates difference according to its luxuriance or degradation. This
   Is My Land, a portrait of Jake Williams, a self sustaining man who lives
   alone within miles of forest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, draws parallels
   between the life of the subject and the filmmaker, Ben Rivers. Lastly,
   haunting and spare, Xavier Lukomski's Un Pont sur la Drina reflects on
   the history of a wounded place. The Drina River and the bridge that
   crosses it at Višegrad hold great significance in the history of the
   Balkan region as a symbol of the centuries-old tensions between the
   Muslim and Christian cultures of these nations. February 20 Threshold of
   Transience aka the Dike of Transience by Guyla Nemes [Hungary, 2005,
   16mm, b&w, 13 min] Crossings by Robert Fenz [US, 2006, 16mm, color,
   silent, 5 min] South Of Ten by Liza Johnson [US, 2006, 35mm, color,
   sound, 10 min] Site specific_LAS VEGAS 05 by Olivo Berbieri
   [Canada/Italy, 2005, 35mm, color, sound, 12 min] 0778 man.road.river by
   Marcellvs L [Brazil, 2004, DV, b&w, sound, 9 min] This Is My Land by Ben
   Rivers [UK, 2006, 16mm, b&w, sound, 14 min] Un Pont Sur La Drina (A
   Bridge Over The Drina) by Xavier Lukomski [Belgium, 2005, 35mm, color,
   sound, 17 min]

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Film Society
7:00, Mezzanine, 444 Jessie Street

   On February 20, SF360 Film+Club returns to Mezzanine with Pablo
   Aravena's Documentary NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting. The film
   captures the art phenomenon that was born on the streets of American
   cities and has come to influence youth culture all over the world.
   Combining cinema vérité and interviews with painters, journalists,
   collectors, sociologists, DJ's, art critics and others, the film conveys
   the dynamism and creative brilliance of this important emerging artistic
   movement. In other words, this movie is awesome. The director will be in
   attendance, and there will be a live demonstration. As always, there
   will be free Peroni (while supplies last). Tickets will be $8 at the
   door, but you can email email suppressed to reserve the right to buy a $5
   ticket, although seating is still first-come, first-serve. Doors open at
   7:00 pm, program starts at 7:30 pm.


Berkeley, California: Pacific Film Archive
7:30PM, 2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720

   For Life, Against the War . . . Again, a collective outcry Curated by
   Lynne Sachs (U.S., 2006, 75 mins) Artists in Person In 1967, with the
   Vietnam War escalating wildly, an invitation was issued to filmmakers to
   create works running under three minutes in protest against the
   accumulating carnage. The original organizers chose the rubric For Life,
   Against the War, and eventually compiled sixty films from the likes of
   Robert Breer, Shirley Clarke, Storm De Hirsch, Ken Jacobs, Larry Jordan,
   Stan Vanderbeek, and many others. Now, decades later, an invitation to
   protest yet another war seemed sadly urgent, inspiring Lynne Sachs, the
   Brooklyn-based filmmaker and curator, to ring the clarion once ". . .
   Again." The response was overwhelming, with submissions from several
   generations of artists unified by a singular disgust for the war in Iraq
   and the foreign policy that perpetuates it. Compiled with works from the
   overtly angry to the formally forceful, For Life, Against the War boldly
   announces that artists can take a stand, again and again.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   Dir: Various. DOCS, MOCKS & MORE. Lazara Nelson EL CANTO DEL GALLO
   (2006, 23 minutes, mini-DV). Michael Gaylin INTELLIGENCE (2006, 15
   minutes, video). Daniel Wasserman MASTER OF THE KENNEL (2006, 21
   minutes, 16mm).

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00 & 9:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   Dir: Various. The National Association of Latino Independent Producers
   (NALIP) is a national membership organization that addresses the
   professional needs of Latino/Latina independent producers. NALIP is the
   first such effort aimed at Latino production in thirty years, and it is
   the first to last more than one year and to provide ongoing support for
   Latino independent film and video makers. In five years, we have emerged
   as the premiere Latino media organization, addressing the most
   underrepresented and the largest ethnic minority in the country. For
   more information, please visit .

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
8:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

   Dir: Clive Holden. This calendar continues the 8-month screening series
   of Canadian artists' film and video organized by Anthology and The
   Images Festival, Toronto. Many of the works to be screened will be New
   York City and U.S. premieres, while others have rarely screened in New
   York since they were first produced. To celebrate the occasion, a
   monograph featuring essays, stills, descriptions and interviews has been
   published and will be freely available. In addition, many of the artists
   will be with us to present their programs. . Following our successful
   spotlights on Philip Hoffman, Leslie Peters, Robert Lee and Barbara
   Sternberg, this season focuses on three stellar artists: the activist
   Richard Fung, the poet Clive Holden, and Super-8 stalwart John Porter.
   Richard Fung will be paired with a program of shorts while Clive Holden
   and John Porter will each have two evenings devoted to their own work.
   The shorts program in January features pieces by artists reflecting on
   the U.S.A. including Arthur Lipsett, Joyce Wieland, Richard Kerr, Gilles
   Groulx and John Price. Look for our final two shorts programs in April
   2007. The Images Festival is Canada's largest annual event devoted
   exclusively to independent and experimental film, video, installation,
   live performance and new media. The 20th edition of the Images Festival
   runs April 5-14, 2007 in Toronto, Canada. For more information please
   visit: Organized by Scott Berry, Chris Kennedy
   and Jeremy Rigsby (The Images Festival) and Andrew Lampert (Anthology
   Film Archives). This series generously supported by the Canada Council
   for the Arts, Media Arts Section and the Canadian Consulate General of
   New York City. NYC PREMIERE - CLIVE HOLDEN IN PERSON!. Clive Holden.
   TRAINS OF WINNIPEG - 14 FILM POEMS. 2004, 90 minutes, 35mm. Music by
   John K. Samson, Jason Tait & Christine Fellows. Clive Holden's haunting
   short films and texts are set to music in this exquisite feature-length
   film-cycle, which explores feelings of transience, loss and longing for
   a place to call home…The overall effect is of a mystery-shrouded journey
   that accumulates emotional impact with locomotive force. Holden's ideas
   are infused with a deep sense of place, and explore distance and
   remoteness as both a physical and an emotional experience…As a
   first-generation Canadian born of Irish immigrants, Holden's past is
   full of memories of traveling across the country. "Without even trying
   to do it I ended up living all over the country. A sense of place is
   important to everyone, but for an immigrant the search for place is
   really important. I think that's why the trains work so well. It's
   powerful, searching." Notes by Chris Gehman.

New York, New York: The Tank
7:00 PM, 279 Church Street

   NEW YORK EXPERIMENTAL PRESENTS: Moira Tierney: Selected Works: New York
   Experimental, The Tank's monthly experimental film and video screening
   series, is pleased to present an evening of works by Dublin born and
   Brooklyn based filmmaker Moira Tierney. In addition to a selection of
   her previously acclaimed films spanning 1999-2006, the program will
   feature her latest work, Liberty Kids (2006). Over the past decade
   Tierney has produced over twenty-two films (including Super-8mm loop
   installations), ranging from dynamic personal portraits to
   socio-political visual commentaries. Tierney's work has been screened
   extensively throughout the world in such festivals as the International
   Film Festival Rotterdam, Anthology Film Archives, Ocularis, the New York
   Underground Film Festival, Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, San Francisco
   Art Institute, Rooftop Films, the International Edinburgh Film Festival
   and the London Film Festival among numerous others. All works will be
   screened in 16mm when possible.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Cinematheque Ontario
6:30 p.m., 317 Dundas Street West

   THEORY OF THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BIRDS. What is it about birds? In Alfred
   Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, they are a traumatic, inexplicable rupture that
   irrevocably upsets the stable order of things, while in Tennessee
   Williams' "Suddenly, Last Summer,"they are the naked cruelty of a
   vengeful God. Winnipeg-based artist Irene Bindi both fears and loves
   birds. Evoking the peculiar power and "secret knowledge" they seem to
   possess, her spellbinding BIRD STORY combines animation and live action
   to chart an ornithological cosmology. New York filmmaker Michael
   Gitlin's unforgettable documentary THE BIRDPEOPLE is a similarly
   idiosyncratic ode to birds and the humans who look at them. While it
   follows bird-watchers and their quarry in Central Park, at its heart
   lies the tragic fate of the great Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, now thought
   to be extinct in its Deep South habitat. Meanwhile, hundreds of
   Ivory-Billed cadavers haunt the vast taxidermied collections of natural
   history museums across America. Whimsical, sad, and wonderful, THE
   BIRDPEOPLE achieves its poetic resonance through a constantly surprising
   array of sounds, images, and stories that convey the tension between the
   objective knowledge of science (categorizing, collecting, preserving)
   and the birders' more personal "pleasures and problems of looking and
   naming," which can't be so easily classified. Finally, Peter Greenaway's
   WINDOWS offers a more oblique take on the system of birds, which figured
   so prominently in the enigmatic "Violent Unknown Event," described in
   his encyclopedic THE FALLS. Here he catalogues thirty-seven residents of
   "the parish of W" who have fallen to their deaths from windows,
   including a man who (wrongly) thought he could fly. BIRD STORY.
   Director: Irene Bindi. Canada, 2005, 6 min. 16mm. Canadian Premiere! THE
   BIRDPEOPLE. Director: Michael Gitlin. USA, 2005, 61 min. 16mm. WINDOWS.
   Director: Peter Greenaway. UK, 1975, 4 min. 16mm. All Cinematheque
   Ontario screenings are held at the Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman
   Hall, 317 Dundas St. West (McCaul Street entrance), Toronto. For ticket
   information, visit the Official website,, the
   year-round Box Office at Manulife Centre (55 Bloor Street West, main
   floor, north entrance), or call 416-968-FILM.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.