Re: individualism in films

From: David (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 12:10:23 PST

Now, I would hate to inject unintentional contentious content, rather I
would plea for modest advice. i.e. WHAT the heck should I do to stop the

You see, both Freya's and Gene's contributions on individualism in films
were found in my "junk email" folder having been filtered there unbeknownst
to me ... until I discovered them just before deleting the total file of
trash materials that builds up therein.

Now all other Frameworks emails are satisfactorily captured / filtered to,
my Frameworks folder. But these two weren't.

Trivial matter perhaps, but somewhat worrying as I really don't wan't to
have to scan the junk email folder for errors before deleting.

Anyway, my kind regards to those of the community who might relish them, and
if there are any filmmakers left floating lone amid the digital tide, my
fraternal nod goes in your direction. The world's first THE movie
progresses apace, a slow pace true.


Dr. David woods
Holcus Ltd
Hull UK
44 1482 323421

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