Re: individualism in films

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 11 2007 - 07:59:31 PST

Well "Kiss Me Deadly" might be the antithesis of the heroic
individualism theme in this context; follows it and turns it back on

("Pursued" is great - I can't remember its plot or premise but is
literally the _darkest_ Western ever, no question...)


> I'm a film noir fan, and of course, individualism is what film noir
> is all about. For a modern film, "Memento" springs to mind.
> Classics, like "Out of the Past," and "D.O.A." are well known
> examples. Two underrated and lesser know favorites of mine are both
> film noir westerns, starring Robert Mitchum. They are "Pursued,"
> and "Blood on the Moon."

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