Re: individualism in films

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 09 2007 - 15:58:37 PST

Eraserhead is a great example I suspect! Yes! I love
Eraserhead of course but there we are.

I think Jacks suggestion of Children of Men sounds
completely spot on for what you are looking for! I've
not seen the film, but it sounds like the two of them
face up against the ills of the world and try to
rescue the world from itself.

I'm thinking A.I. might work with your thesis?

If wonder if fireworks by Kenneth Anger might not fit
the bill from the world of experiemntal film. Kenneth
the lone figure gets beaten up by a bunch of sailors
who are the representatives of state control enforcing
the values of the state on him. Yet in a way Kenneth
emerges the winner from the affair, because, well you

and "At Land" by Maya Deren features Maya breaking up
the chess game by running off laughing with one of the
pieces, and doesn't she disturb a dinner party too as
I remember? Very much a story of the individual
fighting to be themselves against the constraints of

Far from Heaven by Todd Haynes, All that Heaven
Allows? Gattaca? Thelma and Louise? Alien/Aliens etc?

Metropolis, but that's erm a little too old I think!

I have to say that I also don't agree with the idea
behined the thesis, but then my favourite film of all
that I have discovered so far is Freaks by Todd
Browning. A Universal monster movie in which the
monsters aren't the people you would expect (as is
often the case in real life). I believe that people
can still be very individual and can work collectively
for change.

...but maybe you should watch it after you have
written your thesis and received great grades! I
certainly don't want to throw you off your work! :)

Hmmm, well if Jack can have Happy Feet (I will try and
check it out sometime), then I want to go for Lilo and
Stitch. In my opinion the greatest Disney film in a
very long time. I was very happy when it came out in
fact as I was decrying the state of modern Disney

Snow white is pure atmosphere, Jungle book has great
songs and Lilo and stitch has one of the best stories
in Disney land ever.

It is about a mad scientist (he prefers the term evil
genius) who creates a weapon of mass destruction
called "experiment 626". The galactic council find out
and he is on trial for his despicable crimes. They
decide to dump experiment 626 off on an uninhabited
asteroid where he can run amok as much as he likes and
destroy anything.

The well meaning plan of the galactic council goes
awry however and 626 escapes. 626 lands on what seems
to be a fairly insignificant planet and everyone is
relieved until they realise it is actually an
important nature reserve for the endangered creature
"the mosquito", which is terribly important. 626 leaps
out of the spaceship, runs out and promptly gets hit
by a truck.

Meanwhile lilo, a little girl who is too weird to have
any friends, is living with her older sister who takes
care of her. Social services are quite concerned and
want to take lilo into care. Lilo wants a dog and her
sister takes her to the dog pound. Of course lilo
picks the wierdist dog there, experiment 626, who she
decides to call "stitch". Everyone tries to convince
lilo to have "a normal dog" instead of the ugly and
horrible thing, but lilo has very much made her mind
up and insists she wants Stitch.

The rest of the film plays out with the struggle of
the characters to survive against the galactic
council, social services, and the "evil genius".

The film only came into being because the creators
were felt to have done a great job on Mulan (another
film that might be worth looking at) and so were
allowed to make their weird film in a corner as long
as they didn't spend too much money, while the rest of
Disney made treasure planet which would be a great
success and make Disney, loads and loads of money!
Only of course it wasn't and it didn't.

Treasure Planet is the only film I have ever walked
out on! I paid 20p to see it. I wish I had bought
chocolate instead but hindsight is easy. ;)



--- Cari Machet <email suppressed> wrote:

> erasurhead
> speaking of
> saw a little interview w/ him recently
> he said he was now only shooting in digital
> called film a dinasour
> said he would never go back to shooting in film
> donnie darko
> requiem for a dream
> last days
> demonlover
> gummo
> dogville
> these films are about the afterfx of social control
> - need for control of
> others
> the pit(falls) of xing out a person/people - xing
> out urself
> needless to say i geuss - that i think ur thesis is
> more than not logical
> c

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