Re: Projection Instructions?

From: Jodie Mack (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 09:52:05 PST

I agree with PF and most others. James Bond sure know his stuff! (You
should've seen the makeshift set up he did for a screening of BATTLESHIP
POTEMKIN in the middle of a park.) We have his work (16mm) here at SAIC (in
one theater and two classrooms), too . I must say, however, that while it is
great to have the projectors here, they don't necessarily fit here. Few
people can use them. They are too powerful for the small classrooms. Also,
such a large, professional projection set-up relies on constant departmental
attention and care: ours is out of whack, the top or the bottom is always
out of focus in the theater. As I said before, we're lucky to have 'em,

So, I'd suggest a professional, Bond-ish set-up in one or two rooms
(theaters/auditoriums) and decent 16mm set-ups (preferably with options for
double projection that students can use) in other classrooms. There is no
point for top-top-top-top-TOP-notch quality in most classrooms. I think it
is more important for students to have access to/learn to run decent 16mm
than it is for them to watch films on amazing 16mm projectors at all times.
And, yes, install super 8, too (so the students can learn what it looks
like, how to use it, and how to keep it alive).

From freezing Chicago--reminding frameworks that schools are for students,
NOT the egos or standards of administrators, visiting artists, curators,

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